I'm not everyone's cup of tea, I'm opinionated and I don't back down from what I think unless legitimately convinced otherwise. I think too much and hash out arguments. I am also sweet, kind, supportive, and lovable to those that I love. I force no one to associate with me and I believe strongly in freedom of association. Content Schedule: Sunday: Thoughts Philosophy & Christian Apologetics: Purpose: Good Ideas do not require force. If your ideas are good you should be able to express them and give an answer for what you believe you are correct without resorting to silencing tactics. Here I will examine the rules of logic, Philosophical arguments, and give a reason for why I think the way I think in order to empower more people to do the same by example. "You can't be a free thinker if you're a theist!!" Oh yeah? Watch me. Cause what I just heard was, "You can't be a free thinker unless you think like me." If you don't see the glaring logic error in that I hate to tell you, darling, I'm not the one who has the problem with free thinking. Monday: A Postcard from An-Caspitan Purpose: Addressing liberty issues of the day and diving into Philosophy of freedom. Tuesday: None Wednesday: Life Long Learning & Living Liberty Purpose: Putting liberty principles into practical application through things like Homeschooling & Entrepreneurship and to present marketable skills as a means of production that should be seized and can not be taken away. We live in an information age. We do not need free college. We need people willing and able to self-teach skills from the wealth of information available to them. Thursday: None Friday: There will be video content upon reaching 100 subscribers. Saturday: None

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Helping bring the world together one friend at a time. Crypto travel experts, and believers in a free and open financial system.

Steven Crowder
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Canadian ❄🇨🇦 Hip Hop Artist 🎶 Philosopher waking minds daily ☯️ We The 9 Music Collective 🔥 Blockchain Enthusiast 💡 Lyricist 🎙️ Soundcloud advocate ☁️ I do free collaborations just message me! 📧 _______________________________ ~~~ Biography ~~~ I'm a hip hop artist with the We The 9 music collective. My main genres are hip hop, R&B, trap, soul, and most urban music sub genres. My style is very lyrically focused and my music is very conscious touching on reality, life, understanding, spirituality, passion, and ambition. I release all my music for free as well as with the option to use paid platforms if you so choose to support me that way! The major point of what I'm doing is showing independent artists you can do what you love for free and still win because the people chose to support not you demanding their money! _______________________________ ~~~ Music Links ~~~ 🎤 Stream my music free on Soundcloud - ⏪ 🎶 Stream and download my music on dSound - ⏪ 🎧 Help me earn a bit and stream me on Spotify - ⏪ 🙏 You can also listen to my music on Reverbnation - _______________________________ ~~~ Feel Free To Support ~~~ ETH: 0xE0d930a0aa8e57e037D749a868ade5682a34e88e BTC: 3MWhAo2pbrKLmhkRGj8WuTo2VzLVeuimTs LTC: MJMYVTL5iL9GvyQJcn7w7uiyUFMuSFDHke _______________________________ ~~~ Supporters ~~~ @scottcbusiness @timmortal @chrisdoogood @larevolutionestenmarche @babeolicious @delastman (Donate 5 or more tokens) _______________________________ ~~ Social Media ~~ _______________________________ ~~~ Tags~~~ #rap #rapper #hiphop #hiphopmusic #rapmusic #rapping #hiphopartist #artist #music #musician #indepedentartist #steemit #toronto #wethe9 #scottychams #canada #canadian

Subscribe for beautiful, sexy women! (please note: I don't use messenger often, so don't be offended if I take a long time to respond!) ______________________________ Check out my friends for more women: @DailyBabes @Grimachu @fzs600 @oppoten @EyeGazm @BabeOLicious @TheSatanicGardener @Neva_FeAr @Degraphed @Latinas @nakedwomen @americaneric If you want your name added to the list, hmu and we'll talk about it ;) ______________________________

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