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I'm Happy...like a sculpter I will chip away at your illusions, but I will make you answer your own questions as I present the perspective from something you may have overlooked. My Heart Channel and Frequency are open to send you my Love a frequency you may not be accustom to? My truth may resonate with your heart and or intuition, as it seems strong with truth. As a Slave it's hard to get good information or locations in which to find it, but I can only try, as many are shut down from time to time. I will tell you first that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your thoughts, you have always know something is wrong, but maybe could not put your finger on the details of that exact knowledge, so please ask? I can drop a bread crumb in front of any information you desire to know, as I work with the big picture of things and have explored many rabbit holes full of knowledge. The why, is my specialty along with the discernment of information; so yes there are many sources that might lead you astray, again please ask. Since I am not a first hand knowledge guy of many of the highly secret programs, it's not to say I don't know about them. We, the Masses are slowly Awakening; so let's compare notes and share information to enlighten others. Best path? Always your Choice, only Slaves have No Choice. Right, is NOT harming another sentient being; a Wrong is harming a sentient being! Stopping someone from Wronging YOU is a RIGHT you have! Never let anyone ever tell you different! You can work to supporting the group with Rights, respecting everyone's Right not to be Wronged, or you could choose the Wrong path? The answer seems simple to me anyway, our children deserve Freedom from this problem we have allowed to exist, so let us think inbetween our slave duties of the system made by those wronging US. Collectively we educate the Masses, but understanding why, what, where, and how this problem started and how long it has been in play was the key to the slavers master plan. We create our future and we can make it brighter with light and knowledge shining on all the facets. Learn who you are and what you stand for? Together we can create what we know is Right, releasing our bonds of servitude and do what we know helps the group succeed, if we can only break the illusions we have been taught and presented with. Choose wisely, your time line is limited, then our children live what we create, think, and do through achievement. It seems simple to know what is Right, I don't desire violence against those who Wrong US, but if required it should be swift and thourough...and yes, very effective, but I only control the environment I am in, you must control yours, where you are. We work outward starting with self - home - village - State - Nation - Earth. Nothing starts without you and self understanding what you want and where you are, in this NOW! On this channel we start with Politics, then Religion, and of course Money; but that is only the beginning as most can't handle the simple stuff. Illusion are things we break here, and I haven't found many people who are not full of them, so don't bother if you can't handle the truth...I know it's rough out there.
Founded in #Gothenburg, Sweden by Henrik Palmgren in 2003, Red Ice delivers news, TV and online radio (including Red Ice Radio and Radio #3Fourteen). Based in Sweden and North America, Red Ice reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month, seeking an alternative to the mainstream, covering politics and social issues from a pro-#European perspective. Truly #independent and supported by members, Red Ice remains commercial and ad free. #REDICE #Creations #RIC #Henrik #Fredrick #Palmgren #Sweden #livestreaming #TV #news #altmedia #radio #censored #podcasts http://www.redicecreations.com/ https://www.bitchute.com/channel/redicetv/ https://www.youtube.com/user/RedIceRadio/videos
This group is for anybody here at Minds who wants to talk autism. It isn't just a clique-y group for those who ARE on the autism spectrum themselves or for those who have LOVED ones - children, siblings, spouses etc. - on the autism spectrum. Anyone who truly WANTS to learn more about what autism is and how it affects those living with it is welcome. There are no rules (well, there's ONE..., as a member OF this group you cannot block the creator, that's just bad form 🤨), this is an open - currently unmoderated - group where you can talk/ask about anything and everything autism related, as long as you keep it somewhat CIVIL. You participate at your own discretion - don't talk about things you don't want others to know about. Also, if there's anything written/mentioned in a post or comment that you don't understand for whatever reason, just ASK. Someone will be able to explain it to you. There ARE no stupid questions. Group created: October 19, 2020 Creator: Mrs. @entryreqrd #ActuallyAutistic #LetsTalkAutism #AutismAwareness
The #Highwaymen was a country music #supergroup, composed of four of the genre's biggest artists, known for their pioneering influence on the #outlaw #country #subgenre: Johnny #Cash, #Waylon #Jennings, #Willie #Nelson, and #Kris #Kristofferson.
Calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride. We are forcibly being medicated with fluoridation of our tap water in cities across the US, even though fluoride is a non-pharmaceutical, chemical waste and the main ingredient in rat poisons and many pesticides. Fluoride is wrong, it is bad for us. @FutureShock
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