You will be too much for some people. Those aren’t your people 🙏🍄💫✨🙌🌙🌈🌖✌️👁 Be thankful for those that vibrate at your frequency. They are reminders that on the deepest level of existence we are all one 🌓 💫 Gypsy Soul With an attitude of Gratitude 🙏 👁 Seeker Of Truth 🔥 Sagittarius 🌙 Moon Child 🌙 🙏 Spiritualy connected 💫 Gnostic 🌱 Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food I AM ANTI VAXX & WILL POST TO SPREAD TRUTH & AWARENESS TO THIS MADNESS SO IF YOU ARE PRO VAXX OR CLOSED TO HEARING LOGIC, REASON, & SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN FACTS PLEASE DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO MY PAGE

Today is the oppertunity to build the Tomorrow you want.

**PLEASE NOTE** I obtain content from public domain for this time line. It is not for profit or promotion, and any request for identification or removal will be honored. I am what we are. When you succeed we all win, If I could help I win.I gain my strength one small heart felt moment of giving at a time, that in time you will want more for someone else as well. A stranger a victim or outcast, A some point most of us have been one of them.

It's Not that we can't FEED the POOR, we just can't SATISFY the RICH. It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a higher standard of living than any of us have. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is OBSOLETE. We just have to convert tech from WEAPONRY to LIVINGRY - Buckminster Fuller "There is Class WAR alright, but it's we the RICH making it (dividing you idiots against each other) and Winning it" - Warren Buffett , Billionaire FASCISM should rightly be called Corporatism as it is the merger between the corporation and the state" - Benito Mussolini 'That in essence is FASCISM: Ownership of GOV'T by an individual, by a group, or any controlling PRIVATE POWER (Billionaires OWN #Congress via legal bribery called #CampaignFinance) - Franklin D Roosevelt

Knowledge is POWER, ONLY when you start using it.

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Open minded travel - fashion - food - nature enthusiast. Environmentalist and Therapist The very first blogger on Minds. #SeeWhereIgo Every day new travel inspiration All content is my original #OriginalContent My other channel: My story:

Does anybody even read these little blurb things?

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