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⚑ Join the Battle to Reclaim Personal Powers Ignorantly Surrendered, Claim our Sovereign Rights, Unslaving Humanity! "The Most Powerful and Useful Tool a Person Can Ever Gain in their Life Is Knowledge for with Knowledge Comes Wisdom and a Deeper Understanding and Real Truth can be Exhilarating because Real Truth Will Set You Free." ⚑ BreakTheSpell Group at MeWe: ⚑ BreatTheSpell Group at Earth-United.Global: ▀█▀ █▀ █_█ ▀█▀ █▬█
Peace has been declared; no more War! — International Peace Proclamation - Join in this historic coverage on the end of the present era of centralized control and war and the beginning of the golden age of decentralized Freedom and Peace. - It also means surviving the conflicts with man and with nature..... Get informed and get ready while you can Navigate the Dark and into the Light - Adapt . #remind #sharing encouraged appreciated . #news #conflict #final #war #peace #humanity #politics #geopolitics #change Posts are open to all. Keep it Relevant The Below Resources in many ways directly relates to this groups general focus. Especially Q Real Law, & George Webb. Take a look and learn. Broaden your minds. . The Great Awakening Has Begun The Q Plan to Save the World Minds Q World Ben Fulford Weekly Geo Report Mondays . . Foreign Lobbying - Open Secrets Some Solutions VS Doing Nothing . Real Law The George Webb Chronicles T Furyan Finance Open Source Earth Solutions High Technology Blogs Socioeconomic Remedies Freedom Resources 4 You Crowd Source the Truth .
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This is an attempt to honor one of the most courageous, intelligent, and honorable Americans in all of our history - He treads where few dare. George Webb Sweigart Please #Share #Remind #Bad #Danger The is community driven and aided crowd sourced research. You can participate by leaving comments on Georges you tube page, comment on live chat during streaming broadcasts, helping with the trello meta data board, doing research, and even contacting George by email or phone. Read between the lines, and do your own research. Participate. Think for yourself. Research YOURSELF. . George Webbs Huge Library of Years of Work Censored by Google on You Tube.. Now is here... . . #McDuff: Kennedy's Man to Smash the CIA Group by : @Alpha_Furyan Admin: @Alpha_Furyan The best prophets lead you up to the curtain and let you peer through for yourself. Sayings of Arrakis Who is George Webb ? - Character Driven On elections and the manipulation of data The sad overview of what's really happening Operation Gladio C George Webb Cliff Notes . . Foreign Lobbying - Open Secrets . #news #gulen #muslim #brotherhood #war #us #cia #webb #investigation #citizen #journalism Methodology Explained - Strzok Example . Crowd Source the Truth Blog
⚑ It is Time to End Our Fraudulant System of Law and Restore Justice in the United States to serve as an example for all. Stay on topic - Law of the Land and its relationship to the other jurisdictions. - within Reason * Respect all - Moderated - Soil Jurisdiction Focused. #Remind #Real #Law #legalese #Living #Lawful #Sharing Encouraged Observers Welcome *** Same Issues 4U2 This is a learning and discussion group to explore and discover the true nature of our nations history with a focus on the rule of law that is supposed to support our natural rights to life, freedom, voluntary liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our primary goal is to assist our local communities as well as those throughout the country renew genuine trust and faith in each other in order to achieve a strengthened foundation of truth and justice for us all in self governance and Lawfulness. It is recommended you scroll to the first article and work your way up. Those articles and videos that are consi - Tdered most important are notated, though all are good. -------------------------------------------------------- Do you REALLY know American History? Taking Back America - EMERGENCY - ALL Delegated Gov Services Contracts are Illegitimate. Abdicating Personal Responsibility: Real Freedom and the New World Order: The Power of Words. The World of His Kingdom and the Words of the World Compared. How They Got YOU Tricked. ➝The TRUTH Shall Set You FREE: Natural Law, Freedom And Morality: ⚑ Government Tricks. Natural Laww Natural Man, Natural Rights. The TRUTH Shall Set You FREE Natural Law - Concept of AUTHORIT
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