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Real Freedom and the New World Order

Luminous▼SovereignJun 4, 2018, 1:28:46 PM

To know freedom is to know Nature. Living in harmony with Nature leads to peace, prosperity, knowledge, truth, action, and freedom. Nature reflects the order of the universe. Living in opposition to Nature leads to war, control, ignorance, fear, stagnation, and enslavement.

There exists two Freedoms. Real freedom and Fake freedom. Real freedom corresponds to responsibility, taking responsibility, being responsible, and acting responsibly. From this Real freedom stems autonomy, self-governance, determination, and conscious decision making in accord with causing no harm. Being responsible entails being responsible for the propagation of the best interest of oneself as well as the defense of oneself from harm; making choices that are not antithetical toward the self and having the capability to discern the difference between truth and falsehood and be capable to deal with falsehoods being propagated as reality in a stress-free manner – this involves self-mastery and discipline as well as courage. Not only does this benefit the self but it overtly benefits those in society because confidence radiates encouragement in a system based on original truth. 

While on the other hand, is the Fake freedom which is the prevalent “freedom” touted in America today. Two hundred plus years ago, the inhabitants of what is today called The USA, a great lot of them, knew real freedom and the example I draw from is “The Articles of Confederation”, the Declaration of Independence, the orations of Patrick Henry, and the writings of Thomas Paine from his pamphlet entitled “Common Sense”. These are Men, and many others from that generation, who were staunch individualists in tune with both physical and non-physical reality, mind and matter.


Fake freedom is the freedom to consume anything, regardless of how unhealthy it is for the person, or how much grief it causes to the conscious thoughts of the person consuming that garbage. Fake freedom is the “freedom” to be lazy; to do the least amount of thinking possible and rely on so called “experts” to figure all things out. Fake freedom is the “freedom” to be an unfulfilled human who prefers to sit back and watch others live. He spends endless hours in undiscriminating television viewing. Fake freedom is using violence and coercion to propagate something called "freedom". I have news for the advocates of this false freedom notion. It's called look at the damage you have done to the spirit of your fellow men and women. Are you "happy" yet? Or should I ask if you are fake happy or real happy and do you discern the difference? Real freedom is having the free-will ability to choose something without fear. Fake freedom is being coerced into pre-designated options under duress. Real freedom is being truly educated; given the tools to learn how to learn for oneself, on ones own, confidently while fake assed freedom is being told what is true and going along with it; being told a declarative sentence and accepting it without question.

My issue with fake assed freedom is that it is not truth and leads to destruction. It is a master deception. A lie. The lie is that if you surrender, or sacrifice, some of your liberty, someone else will take on your responsibility to decide what is best for you and society as a group. An obvious example of this is legislators. At all times, legislators will to remove “individual” freedom for the best interest of “the group”. In the process, individuals ALWAYS suffer by way of coercion, threats of violence, and duress. Though, it “sounds” like a noble thing to do, sacrifice a little liberty so that “the group” may prosper, it is an unsound idea simply because “the group” does not exist. The group ONLY exists within the mind as a construct. And, within this construct of “the group” exists what IS actually true, real, and existent… the individual. There is no group. You may belong to a group of people who work on the same project, but there is no “group benefit”, each is paid according to their “individual” talent and ambition. What “the group” seeks to do is CONFORM all minds into one standardized musical note humming the same tune. This is called collectivism and it is conformity to a low standard.


Collectivism is the age old idea that “some” are meant to rule while others are meant to be ruled. Leonard Piekoff illustrated this point beautifully in his book The Objectivist, “The philosophy of collectivism upholds the existence of a mystic (and unperceivable) social organism, while denying the reality of perceived individuals—a view which implies that man’s senses are not a valid instrument for perceiving reality. Collectivism maintains that an elite endowed with special mystic insight should rule men—which implies the existence of an elite source of knowledge, a fund of revelations inaccessible to logic and transcending the mind. Collectivism denies that men should deal with one another by voluntary means, settling their disputes by a process of rational persuasion; it declares that men should live under the reign of physical force (as wielded by the dictator of the omnipotent state)—a position which jettisons reason as the guide and arbiter of human relationships. From every aspect, the theory of collectivism points to the same conclusion: collectivism and the advocacy of reason are philosophically antithetical; it is one or the other.”

I would only disagree with his calling collectivism a philosophy because collectivism is actually the absence of philosophy, the destruction of sound reason, which in turn flows toward foolishness, not wisdom. And yes, that IS a declarative statement… but it’s true. And at this point I would en-courage you to please involve yourself in the study of that truth and come to your own understanding and promote that understanding far and wide to assist others in the inquiry necessary in gaining accuracy of navigation throughout our shared reality.


This idea of a “new world order” of globalism is a two-fold extremity. The word “new” implies that it is something that has not occurred in the past, a revolutionary idea that will change the paradigm or status quo, and something that has not yet been tested in physical reality. But on the contrary, what we refer to as new world order is a sugar-coated delusion to insist that something is “new” when it has only been re-packaged, re-formulated, re-animated from “old” ideas that HAVE existed and do still persist. The collectivism of the group is merely the Feudalism of history. Feudalism has been re-engineered, re-designed, and re-packaged toward an audience of “consumers”/ "employees"/ "human resources" who do not possess the adequate context of history (the route in which we've arrived to the point in time in which we are now present – the present moment) – And how are we to navigate forward, into the future, with accuracy, and arrive at a suitable destination, if we do not have an accurate understanding of the map from whence we began sail? To know where we are heading, as a “collective group”, on the sea of life, we must have a map of the terrain. Point A is the past, Point B is the present, and point C is the destination. If we are presently experiencing tumultuous storms, hurricanes, and whirlwinds we must know how we have arrived at this point. Because, it is obvious that the captain of the ship (you) were not paying attention. You were hoodwinked and your attention was placed elsewhere through careful manipulation.

The globalists are correct in their rhetoric depicting the necessity of a "new world order" to usher in an age of peace.Everyone wants peace unless you're a psychopathic, selfish, little ego driven narcissist, the want is in alignment with empathy and compassion. But the context in which the idea of the new world order will become manifested is the point that must be distinguished between. The global elitists have an undying thirst for wealth and power, and through the illusion of prestige, the end shall justify the means in achieving their life long aspirations. Therefore the context in which this supposed "age of peace" is broadcasted in is a positive one. However, under careful examination of the motives and deeds they use to catapult the world into this so called "new order", we find Orwellian doublethink to be one of the most absolute truths ever to be understood.


It is critical to understand that the “new” world order was the founding of the United States of America. Never before in history was “individual” liberty fought for and actually established. With individual liberty stems the gracious fellowship with nature that enables mankind to expand consciousness toward greater and greater heights of possibility. The founders and framers of this “new” revolutionary idea drew from nature the common sense of it's principles and applied it toward mankind. The government, for the people and BY THE PEOPLE recognized the principle in nature that each individual is sovereign and RESPONSIBLE for their dominion. And with this responsibility there is only two roads to go down – down the road of truth or down the road of error. To preserve Life, liberty, and property or to degrade life, make liberty conditional, and tax privately owned property.  

At this point, it is important to recognize that when this nation was founded there were still being perpetuated ideologies, structures, and frames of thinking that led to error. All the governments of history and existing governments, at that time, were ALL based on fallacious, erroneous models – meaning they were not consistent with nature and her rules. The people themselves, which consisted of this “new world” had to adjust to becoming free. So, we can contend that the people, at the dawn of this new revolutionary idea were now making a transition from one state into the other. From being ruled into being masters – determining their own individual course. It was the ultimate Hegelian dialectic where the thinking habits of the people were not squarely in alignment with self-government, in fact a great majority actually insisted upon George Washington being their new King. This intermingling of falsehood and truth has, over the past 250 years resulted in falsehood clearly being the victor of the two because as it is said, you must pluck the weeds otherwise they will take for themselves all of the nourishment from the flowers and overcome them completely. Well, that is firmly the case.


All Men are created equal – meaning we are all equally responsible for our thoughts and deeds. The laws of the Universe are equally distributed among ALL men and we will all equally atone for our mistakes. This is evident upon our creations. We create something, like government, we breathe life into it, and magically believe that the consequences of the actions government takes will be distributed solely upon government. ERR WRONG. Any individual, giving away their consent to be governed by it's creation (government) will be subjected to the misery of it's erroneous fruits. The same is true for sculptors who create statues of Gods who the people idolize as God himself; the sculptor reaps what he sows by way of those around him consenting to error. If you think we escape the effects, you are wrong. Yes, we created this tree and we called it government. That tree is producing fruit that the creators all partake and eat from and as a result of the law of cause and effect, the ill situation we call "freedom" is manifested in our life as decay. True freedom is not a creation of the mind of man, rather it is derived from nature NOT government. We all have this natural law of consequences governing our behaviors equally. This is an established, known, and understood principle of nature and is absolutely crucial/ vital to grasp and understand in order to comprehend the foundation upon which individual liberty, rights, and dominion spring.

In the present time, there exists many individual minds thinking along varying paths of error. And I want to point out that The Bible translates simple error as “Sin”, or missing the mark, meaning your aim is off. In order to get our aim on the target we have to practice. This “practice” would be questioning our beliefs, traditions, perceptions in relation to what actually exists. We know that “reason” exists because we are using logic to compare and contrast against what is actually real, true, and good against something either existent or illusory. But, it is required that one have "faith" in the power of reason to subdue fallacies because if you do not possess the faith necessary to promote it's growth, you will not tend the garden of logic.

It is important to understand from the outset that in the world, there exists two separate realities


In this societal structure in which we belong, the glue that binds all the institutions, religions, and organizations together is fearful CONTROL. Fearful Control is the belief in authority outside of one's self to control the behaviors of nouns (people, places, and things) out of fear. The belief in the need to control things because "one is fearful of chaos" spawns an entire subset of corresponding ideas that promote the illusory stability of this belief. And I stress the point here... it is a FALSE BELIEF SYSTEM! To believe in something does not denote one way or the other that it is true. To believe in something true makes it true if it is non-contradictory to Law of Identity, harmonious to existence, and prosperous toward the individual is what makes it true/ good/ righteous. But the belief in a system whose policies, dictates, and directives result in suffering, death, depression, despondency, desolation, depravity... please, I'm not trying to smoke that garbage. It should be obvious, common sense, and inherently known that any belief propagating contradiction, disorder, strife, coercion, and fear on ANY degree is FALSE, not based in Truth, immoral and should be shunned.

And human kind right now is smoking that garbage and is HIGH. Lost in the clouds of irrationality (dumbed down, indoctrinated, and conditioned to respond emotionally), man is caught in a CYCLE of disease spawning disease spawning greater and greater amounts of disease. And then you have these talking heads on the media, acting all sophisticated, using logical fallacies back to back with persuasive rhetorical techniques to mislead and direct their audience toward illegitimate ideas that spawn ever greater amounts of disease. Talking the disease into greater heights of manifestation by airing this non-sense on a 24 hour stream of cable news networks which feed off of your insecurity and dependence on them. You have to be real high to be buying this garbage. But to top it off, you have these so called "intellectuals". PHD Masters degrees who climbed up through the "ladder of success" by the book. Following all the rules on what to do to be "somebody" important, who spew ever and ever - greater and greater - loads upon loads of regurgitated, fear-driven, fallacious structures of logic that cramp, even sometimes, the most well trained minds to wonder into oblivion. But when you reflect on what truth really is and compare it to how things actually are, you realize it's just more complicated bullshit that is tied into the other piles of manure put there to deflect you, the individual, from discovering the principles that are based in TRUTH.. This planet has become a planetary disposal of complete rotting bullshit on the one hand while the other hand, the clean hand is tucked away and forgotten about.


When man, in his feeble-minded, weakened state of ignorance was capitalized on by those who were still using their reasoning capacities, these guys, being selfish and narcissistic, monopolized the fable of authority into the trusting minds of their victims. It's possible, and there is no reason to doubt, that like today, psychopaths have always been on the hunt for unwitting, trusting victims. Like vampires, psychopaths literally suck the last drop of life force from their victims and here's a possibility of how it could have went down... In ancient times, before the first civilization of Earth, a band of roving psychopaths, secondary psychopaths, and their mind-controlled slaves began creating war and using violence, coercion, and threats to dominate the other tribes/ bands/ groups of people. There is evidence to support this theory in anthropology. But there is even more damning evidence to prove this is still the case TODAY in the fields of psychology, political science, sociology, government, corporate structures, wall-street, religious institutions, etc. Everywhere you look in society, TRUE concepts are inverted to support deceptive ideologies. It's pathetic it persists today.

The founding fathers were well aware of tyranny and worked their asses off to defeat it. BUT, they could not defeat it. And it's because of the majority of people who were conditioned by the "privilege", vanity, pride, and selfish desire that caused tyranny to swing back around and chop America in the neck. There is much beautifully written history on the founding of America and many quotes by the founders that I will post one day that encapsulates the absolute enlightenment these Men possessed. And if you compare that strength, honor, and courage of those days in relation to the "tolerance", acceptance, and trust of today... it will make you want to take a shit on this government and the people who claim to be active.


The clean hand has no drama. People are emotionally addicted to drama, thus they will do ANYTHING to run in the opposite direction of the clean hand. This is why reality TV shows are rising off the charts. We have 800 cable TV stations, 350 sports channels, 150 News channels, and the rest are trivial bullshit - so called "Reality" tv and vampire monologues, etc. The clean hand has no care about that trivial non-sense. The clean hand cares about the greater good... The REAL greater good. The greater good that does not involve profit, greed, lust, twisted desires of the flesh, robbing someone to get ahead in a dog eat dog world, worrying about death, worrying about bills, worrying about your children, stressing out over offending someone, fearing getting pulled over for a violation of "the code". The clean hand does not concern itself with that NONSENSE nor does it concern itself with the little ego self! The clean hand is only concerned with equality, prosperity for all, abundance, TRUE Order, TRUE care, TRUE principles. Natural law, original essences of things, pure substances, purity of self leading to purity of actions leading to purity of the world. Pattern Recognition. Logical methods. Ascending structures leading to more and more freedom.

This is not some fancy "ideology" or "Utopian" fantasy. This is the true nature of the operational structure of our Universe. The Ancient Greeks named the Universe KOSMOS which literally means harmony; order. Compare that to how science depicts our Universe today: Random and "by chance". If you study the clean hand, you will come to find that our so called "enlightened" people of today are actually dumber than they've ever been. The so called "Illuminati" are actually disseminating darkness and destruction. The Clean hand is about building something that is lasting, forever, and true. The Bible speaks of heaven on Earth to come, and it will come. This post here is a trumpet call to usher in that heaven on Earth. The clean hand will not get dirty in the process of the destruction of the hand holding the pile of manure. That hand will simply be cut off like the parable illustrates in Matthew 5:30 "If your right hand makes you stumble, cut it off and throw it from you; for it is better for you to lose one of the parts of your body, than for your whole body to go into hell." An allegory regarding deception. It must be removed otherwise it will infect the Truth and overcome it.

The clean hand is about victory over the desires of the flesh and these selfish desires must be attended to with painful exertions. But it must be done. All our senses and powers must be kept from those things which lead to transgression against the clean hand. Those who lead others into temptation to commit transgressions against the natural order of the universe make themselves guilty of their errors, and will be accountable for it. Accountable for it through the reaping of what they sow. Sowing Negative thoughts, emotions, and actions in the world reap negative consequences as a result. This is the simple truth of nature and her gentle laws. If painful withdrawals from nasty habits are submitted to, that our lives may be saved, what ought our minds to shrink from, when the salvation of our souls is concerned? There is tender mercy under all the sacred requirements, and their IS REQUIREMENTS to receiving the outcomes that we "claim" to want. Grace and consolations of the clean hand will enable us to attend to them.

To demystify what I am conveying here, the clean hand is the spirit and the filthy hand is the flesh. The clean hand is truth and the filthy hand is sin/ error/ transgression against the clean hand. Our minds contain elements of both hands simultaneously. Our best defense against poison entering our minds is learning the structural method of logic as laid out by Aristotle and expounded upon by Thomas Aquinas and John Locke. And our best route for conveying pure wisdom into the world is the structural method of rhetoric as laid out by Aristotle. Aristotle himself, held truth to be the highest aspiration whereas the sophists held the "selfish desire" of "appearing" correct to be the highest. The Sophists do not elevate truth, they elevate errors, selfishness, egomania, vanity, pride, wealth, power... all the same exact forces of demons we are contending with today.

The clean hand is God, holy, whole, holistic, righteous, Right, is where our Rights spring from... whereas the filthy hand lays down seeds of evil, spawns satanic ideologies, confused thoughts, foolish actions, emotional outcries, theft of rights, issues "privilege", and declares authority. The clean hand washes the filth away. The filthy hand spreads germs, disease, malcontent, and distress. The clean hand is Sovereign unto responsibility, integrity, honesty and respect whereas the filthy hand is sovereign by "prestige" only.


Now, you may think that the Church is built on the authority of the word, no it is not. Or the authority of God, no it is not. Or the authority of Christ, nope. It is built off of the authority of Men. Fearful men who desire power/ authority over others. ALL religions are sub-serviant to "the system" that Man himself has constructed and consented to called government, status quo, religion, the matrix... whatever you wish to call it. The God of the system is the created god of man not the all true Creator. EVERYTHING IS INVERTED! The all true creator has no necessity for churches because the whole of nature IS the church, but even closer to heart, each individuals body is the temple of God because it holds the mind within the realm of matter to manifest it's ever-flowing brilliance.

Let's not make the grave mistake of ignoring patterns that are screaming at us upfront and center. The governments, and it's many tentacles, offspring, and alliances are ALL an organized, standardized, universally tied together  
imitation of the natural order of the Universe. Not just an imitation, but rather a degradation, an obfuscation, and a complete abomination through and through.

These tentacles and offspring of the government include the financial system, the varying religions (including eastern & new age religions), scientism, and especially the public schooling system based off of the Prussian model and propagated throughout the Western World in the name of "scientific engineering". Now, to paraphrase, I am not claiming that true education, true science, true religion, and money can not exist. On the contrary. The distinction I'm attempting to make here is that there exists a true concept and then an overlapping retardation of that true concept that "the system" labels as "truth" with a trademark, copyright, and symbol that is completely idolatrous against the first foundations of what is.

The current so called education system is there to perpetuate the control system by indoctrinating the dictates of the operation of the system; i.e. "rules of the game". 
Police and Military are there to coerce the minds of the people into accepting the dictates in which the system operates. The financial system is in place to bind the people to the system and prevent them from operating outside the system. More or less, each institution, bureaucracy, agency, office, and party is there to divide you and make you dependent.

Your dependency is a requirement for the system to maintain it's facade of legitimacy. Fake/ Fictional legitimacy! And your division from each other (and within yourselves) is required to pit you against eachother and keep the focus away from the root origin of the deception. And if people really investigated, with a fine tooth comb, the "theories" of so called "science", they would find that a huge majority of what children are taught about the world is "Corrupted hypothesis" rather than "cold hard fact". Theories are not truth and are therefore NOT Science but science FICTION.


Now, why would anyone want to operate outside the system? It's such a wonderful system. Sure, it's flawed but that's why were here, to serve the current system and fix it. We can make it work, right? The system has problems but that's why we pass new laws and change old ones, to work out the kinks. We're sure to stumble upon the key to peace using this method, dont cha know?


Man has been, since the beginning, defying the natural order of things... literally. Deluding himself into smoking his own bullshit... Man has been and is getting high on his own stash. No wonder he is broken, suffering, and dumbed down to the level of domesticated 
beast. This is why there is a growing movement today who are expanding freedom and liberty by being the change they wish to see in the world. Individuals who have come to understand that truth exists and there is a veil of deception one must remove to uncover the truth. To practice Right thoughts, emotions, and actions, one literally has to divorce oneself from the system. One must begin to understand who they truly are and will the desire to become that which is alignment with truth. Sovereignty is the destiny.

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