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I read war books and play video games.
Hello. A rough summary of what I'll be posting here is thoughts, essays, and perhaps videos. I'll try to focus more on original content than resharing what other people create. Politically, I favour Keynesian economic policies, particularly that of a large welfare state, and I am very much a social liberal. More important to me than these stances is anti-extremism and the promotion of free exchange of ideas.
I'll stir up some trouble, no worries.
Alt-Right Nationalist Pro-White Anti-Zionist Furry Faggot The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty is a Global Community of Solutionaries and Change-makers who are co-creating social, legal, physical, economic and digital system structures that empower all those who choose to embody this unified way of being. Our structure allows for any number of organizations and individuals to come together as SOVEREIGN entities and share resources, tools and knowledge in a way that synergistically uplifts every member of the collaboration. We build communities, facilitate cooperative businesses, fund humanitarian causes, grow gardens and food forests, engineer advanced political and environmental solutions, create then distribute high-quality media experiences, and connect people to knowledge, products and services that empower complete freedom and enlightened states of being. Our mission is to awaken the Sovereignty within the human race by providing housing, education, living wages, food forests, sustainable energy systems, and techniques for conscious expansion to everyone. We move toward this ideal by creating and promoting a variety of products and services that support and enable evermore beings to step into their joy and abundance while serving the whole of humankind. Some of our offerings include: Social media services that spread inspiration and empowerment while paying the messengers; Healing services such as massage, sound alchemy, neurolingustic therapy, breathwork, flow-forms, and Tantra. New age Media and News distribution; A complete spectrum of affordable super-foods that uplift and enhance body and mind; Food forests that self sustain and expand upon themselves, Automated food production technologies; Advanced robotics; Handmade goods; and Autonomous Decentralized tools for new paradigm governance and value distribution. Together we have created the Abundance Network. An ever expanding collective that collaboratively earns and shares value through creating and distributing high quality media experiences, utilizing value generating abundance software, and connecting people to products and services that empower complete independence and enlightened states of being.
Free thinker, coffeeist, humourist.
Irish and proud 😊 I'm a goth rocker free thinker introvert!!! Sick of the PC billshit that the west has turned into! DEATH to SJW's and censorship!!
symbolist artist, alchemist and writer
I comment on things I feel strongly about that's it and I don't apologize for my opinions. Period. Dot. And I.
The truth doesn't care about your feelings, and neither do I.     ▪ Anti-Gynocentrism ▪Anti-Globalism ▪White Advocate      
Sep 2016
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