Student of life, down to earth and still hopeful in humanity;

Travel and Landscape photographer based in England. I focus on capturing positive, inspiring and colourful images of all of the World's beauty whether that's in secluded natural places or busy, vibrant Cities.

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Minds went full Fakebook. BEWARE! There will be consequences to giving out your or your friend's phone number (ID). Don't be fooled by fake guarantees of 'nobody's collecting anything', someone is. That's what all the corporate social media sites said as well at the beginning. You are signing your own warrant. F.CK FANTASY PEANUT TOKENS Wake up, you are never going to make any meaningful income posting on social media unless you become just another spammer. It's just to keep you busy and all of your most successful efforts will be stolen and reposted using bots. There are other ways to have 2FA than simply to give away your ID. If Minds supports free speech then why am i shadow banned? Member since 2015, contributed many things, trust me i know what they're doing.

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YouTuber/Twitch streamer. Body of a pornstar, mind of a philosopher, soul of a bassist, and heart of a gamer. Patreon: OnlyFans: Vlog YouTube: Twitch: Instagram:

Collaborate: Artist, CS Prodigy, Networker, Digital Security Expert, Writer, Designer, Creative, Business Minded

Apr 2017
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