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Spaceship blog 12

AragmarDec 2, 2018, 8:54:58 AM

The Destroyer

Destroyers are perhaps the biggest spaceship available to most star states. A truly large ship or between 2 and 2.5km long and at least 800m wide, the Destroyer is designed with one purpose - planetary bombardment. Armed with four times the number of heavy cannons as the Frigate, Destroyers are heavily shielded, their hulls protected by even thicker armor-plating. These "Pocket cruisers" can deploy twice the number of strike craft and starfighter squadrons that any Frigate could, and are protected by one whole division of star marines. Their impressive size and heavy armament mean that Destroyers are not as maneuverable as Frigates and other, smaller capital ships. Where other vessels play a game of "hide and seek", or try to outmaneuver their enemies, Destroyers move in and engage without hesitation. Covered by point defense batteries twice the size of any Frigate, the Destroyer can weather numerous torp barrages with impunity, rebuke multiple strike craft raids, though if the attacks continue one could weaken or overwhelm even a starship of this size. 

Deploying one single Destroyer in a contested star system is often enough for the GA to keep the weaker races in line.

Although the ship can and will destroy capital ships of any size, the main armament of any Destroyer is its spinal mount. A truly devastating superweapon that spans the whole length of the starship, it is capable of blowing up big asteroids, small moons and glass entire cities from orbit with a single shot. Most star states can and will use this devastating spaceship as intended, though regional powers are unable to have more than one such craft. Regulated by fleet treaty imposed by the GA (galactic assembly), its text speaks of lofty goals and ideals like peace and keeping the weak races safe from planetary annihilation. In reality, the core races are hypocrites since they own multiple Destroyers and even larger, grander starships. While they speak of peace, their real goal is to keep the minor powers weak, so that they can push them around.  

The sight of a Destroyer entering orbit is often the last thing many creatures see before they are wiped out.

The Terran Minarchy officially owns one Destroyer, its design based upon an older and famous ship called the "Bremen". She was the first vessel of this size built after the ill-fated invasion of lord Mahimm and lost with all hands fifty years ago. Recently there are rumors circulating in G-net that one spacer had located and boarded the derelict vessel. Regardless, the Imperial Navy Destroyer "Safety" is well equipped and armed with the best railguns Terran engineers can manufacture. The main batteries of this monster are housed in large turrets, heavily armored, of course, and individually shielded. Yes, the twin 120mm railgun turrets have their own independent shielding, and one reserve fusion core each. Same goes for the laser cannon emplacements, a standard design feature these days for Terran Frigate and Corvette starships. Strategically, the vessel's firepower is to be used against other capital ships and for that purpose "Safety" is also equipped with the gas cooling system. Which allows the spaceship to maintain a higher rate of fire than the most craft of its class and stay in the fight for longer periods of time. The Minarchy's flagship is even larger than the standard Destroyer design, a full 400m longer and 100m wider. That allowed for larger and more spacious hangars which can now house three of the Minarchy's best interceptor squadrons flying cover for three ace strike craft squadrons and the ship. The flagship is defended by not one but two space infantry divisions - the 2nd Star marine division and 33rd Star trooper division. Both were formed, trained and equipped on Earth, although personnel-wise, Terrans hailing from any colony can volunteer, and if they cover the requirements, pass all the tests, can join their ranks. "Safety", just like any other alien Destroyer too has a superweapon, its spinal mount is a giant, 2.5km long railgun. The monstrous cannon fires specially designed, armor-piercing ammunition, each sporting a 100 megaton warhead. The force of its kinetic energy is such that after breaching the target's shields, ripping what armor-plating it has, in most cases the projectile passes through and exits from the other side of the target. Then, and only then the warhead detonates. In one instance only it has activated while the projectile was still inside. While firing at one huge asteroid strongpoint named "Moonkiller base" which belonged to a powerful drug Cartel, the warhead detonation blasted it apart and in so many pieces that the navy had to jump its Strike squadron out of the system or risk damage. The railgun was, of course, never used against ground targets but only fired at other Destroyers and/or massive orbital installations. So far the "Safety" was deployed six times and only in defense of Terran or allied colonies. The Destroyer emerged victorious after each of the three battles if fought so far, in those three other deployments the enemy simply retreated rather than be annihilated by its awesome firepower. 

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