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Spaceship blog 4

AragmarSep 23, 2018, 12:21:23 PM

The Interceptor

In space warfare, one often needs specialized, better-quipped craft to ensure victory. In stark contrast with SSF's, interceptors are built only in limited numbers since their overall manufacturing and maintenance cost is high. Interceptor sizes vary depending on the Star state that designed them. Generally, they are 25m long and 10m wide space-born craft. The design premise behind this specialized type of craft is the following - to overtake and destroy other starfighters and bombers. As such any interceptor has at least the same number of weapon hardpoints the SSF has, and on top of that an integrated double fuel tank. All interceptors come equipped with engine boosters too. The armor most of these ships are protected by is at worst of medium thickness, and at best heavy, modular and made of special alloys. Most, if not all interceptors carry powerful, long-range missiles and better than average sensor arrays. Interceptors are generally reserved for the best pilots any Star Navy has among their personnel.

Sometimes Interceptors are the tip of the spear, first into combat and last to retreat.

As always Interceptors used by the Terran Minarchy are slightly better than those of their enemies. They are also considerably fewer in number since the Terrans are a regional power and not some old Star state. Commanders form special interceptor wings piloted only by Aces. Pilots are recruited from all over Minarchy space and upon forming a new wing they undergo specialized training. Terran interceptors are, in essence, heavy fighters. They have one heavy turret equipped with whatever heavy fighter size cannon was available to their manufacturer. Multiple missile pods are hidden underneath their armor-plating, well protected and sporting deadly, long-range ordinance. The ship also has a second pilot, who in most cases directly operates all of the interceptors weapons, while its pilot is concerned only with navigating the craft. In battle, the CN forms special groups of fighters and bombers who are led by those interceptor wings. Their job is to punch holes in their enemies fighter screen, widen them, and ensure that the rest of the starfighters can enter through these gaps. Reminiscent of the old Great war "Shwere Abteilung" tank battalions, Terran heavy interceptors grind any other SSF's into scrap, devastate their squadron formations with accurate fire, and chase them away launching multiple missiles.

A big gun striped on top of your interceptor may help your enemies realize the error of their ways. Then again they might lack the time to do so after you blast them to smithereens! 

Colonists sometimes pool their resources to design, build and equip a single interceptor for their best pilot. They are called lone wolves by their fellow colonists. Those are well-known individuals who mostly fly solo and constantly train hoping to get noticed by some big CN fighter unit. Sometimes their very presence, skill and well-built craft can turn the tide of battle.

The Minarchy's "Top Guns" are well known and feared among all enemies of Terra. Pirate clan pilots in particular exhibit a seething hatred towards those aces. After all, they cannot forget who eviscerated their fighter squadrons during the ill-fated 1969' invasion of pirate lord Mahimm.

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