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Just another job Part 5 - Up close and personal

AragmarApr 23, 2019, 3:46:03 PM

Rem picked up his War Bow and its box quiver, full of ten arrows. The bowmaster who made the weapon named it “Stake”. Somewhat bigger than “The Loom”, it was nevertheless a compact weapon and only someone like him could draw it all the way. Obviously the bow was made for him personally. Everything was precisely calculated, both bowstring and the bow itself, so that he could make use of all his strength. The weapon, just as any other in his arsenal was enchanted. “Stake” had a Kinetic Punch magic imbued in its bowstring and weak-footed, limp-kneed enemies were bound to fall square on their ass after being hit. That is, if they survived with an arrow sticking from their backs. Bodkin arrowheads adorned all of its arrows and the compact quiver held ten of those, safely secured, muffled so that there was no noise when the archer pulled one. Since it was a bow, Rem could also try to use some of his trick shots – like loosing two arrows at once or even a curved shot. “Stake” was a flexible weapon and he could count on its armor-piercing arrows to go through chainmail, in most cases. Nevertheless, the bow strained him considerably and after a dozen of shots he had to take a breather.

After securing both bow and quiver, Rem checked if he could easily reach for a spare arrow and drew the Stake all the way back. Its body was well oiled and produced only a slight creak when he released the string. Satisfied, he slid it on the back of his armor, where his bow bed was already securely attached by Val. Underneath it and around the back of his waist, the box quiver rested, leather straps tied to his belt made sure that it didn't dangle, clank with his other gear and produce unnecessary noise. Rem now needed to pick his other weapons, for the inevitable moment when he'll need to go close. Again, with the knowledge that those were lightly armed and armored Useless, Rem's choice was limited. There was no point lugging heavier weapons across the forest, nor shields by that matter. He was not going to war.

Rem walked over to his “Blade cabinet” and opened it. The thing held almost all of his melee weapons and although some of them had no blades, it was tradition for any Solver of problems to call their weapon stash like that. Rem was not sure how it all started, but now none of his peers would dare entertain the idea of naming their special furniture in any other way. His fingers touched one or another blade while he examined his collection. Multiple swords, both long and short, daggers of all sizes and shapes, a spear – his cabinet held everything, clean, sharp and ready to use. Val stood next to him with a spare belt and awaited her master's choice. Just as his ranged weapons, the blades were too enchanted. When on a job, even something as mundane as a kidnapping or burning someone's business, Rem had to have that edge. Indeed, in the city there were many others who possessed magical weapons but since Krart was so large and its population numerous, the chance of him facing another sporting powerful items like his was rather slim. A Solver of problems always had the proper tool for the job and remembering his first job ever, Rem's face twitched. What was that the goblin assassins said?

“You never bring a gun to a dagger fight.”

The buggers were right, of course. Guns were pretty much useless in close quarters combat and since the number of naive fools who thought that you could fell everything with one was great, Rem didn't have to buy that arcane musket of his. It was battle loot and the dwarf thug who had it, decided that it was a neat idea to take a little stroll down Krart's narrow sewage waste disposal tunnels, shoot Rem in the back while he was there. Oh, he did fire... once. Then Rem showed him the blade of his short sword from up close and the dwarf got a sudden and most deadly case of steel poisoning. The bumbling fool's blood became part of the sewage – as a matter of fact, his everything became one with the sewage. Except the gear he had on him, that is. Good times, easier times!

Why you never bring a gun to a dagger fight? Because someone will walk away with it, and that someone won't be you!

Rem knew that most of his weapons weren't the best choice for this thick and branchy environment. Although the Useless had to have a camp and that should be on some small clearing, that didn't provide nearly enough space for Rem to comfortably wield most of his long weapons. So it was up close and at a medium range then. The Solver of problems narrowed his options to three:

"Sap", not to be mistaken for a... sap.

1. A good sword and dagger combo was always nifty to have on your belt. The sword named “Sap” was somewhat heavier than most short arming swords – this weapon had no fuller and instead the blade was thicker at the center. That added weight allowed the swordsman to strike with the flat of its blade and the weapon had a nifty enchantment woven in it called Brawler magic. When you hit someone with the flat, protruding part of the sword it was as if you were wielding a small mace. The magic gifted this already versatile and quick sword with even more uses during combat. You could stab, slash and even crush someone's bones with it, unless they wore plate armor, that is. In most cases, Rem would pick one of his treasured shields and pair it with “Sap”. Not on this job however. He picked up one of his favorite daggers called “Sparrow” and flung the perfectly weighed weapon at the nearby training dummy. After Val placed the bracer which came together with “Sparrow” on his left wrist and with a thought, Rem ordered the dagger back in his opened hand. Which it did, quickly and if one was not careful, they could get hurt by its handle or, Kan forbid, the blade. The dagger was an excellent off hand weapon and in melee most swordsmen used one to glance off or parry blows, while they riposted with their main weapons.

Satisfaction guaranteed or you get your dagger back!

2. The second choice was his trusty longsword. “Maruin” was one of the fist blades he ever ordered made and as such, it held a dear place in his heart. The blade was no longer than most swords of similar design, but it was slightly wider. Its weight was, of course, within the limit. Nobody strolled around with unweildly, gigantic and overly heavy blades, not unless they were Trolls or Ogres. “Maruin” had a longer handle, which allowed Rem to use both his hands and strike with full power when he needed to. As such the weapon had a most appropriate enchantment woven in its blade called Mirror strike. You could swing from as far as three and a half feet away, then, the spell would project a blade which would replicate your strike precisely. There was only a short delay of one second before the Mirror strike materialized. If used properly, “Maruin” was a devastating weapon and Rem had felled many a duelist... by stabbing them in the back. Which, coincidentally was the best, and safest way to kill a duelist.

Its magic swinging time! That or perhaps, stabbing?

3. His last choice was the war spear “Koul”. The weapon was as tall as him and sported long, wide tip, which gave him the option to both stab and slash with it. On its bottom end “Koul” had the ball of a small mace instead the usual iron weight. Rem loved this weapon and when he had enough space to swing the thing around, it was indeed one of the deadliest tools in his arsenal. “Koul” was enchanted with Fire breath spell and that shrouded both its striking ends with blue flame. The problem was that this weapon was big, moreover, Rem had to drop it if he had to shoot with his bow. One of his hands had to be occupied at all times simply carrying the spear. There was also that parrying thing – a spear was not that effective when your enemies got in your face. Unless you chose the place where you fought carefully and used proper tactics, that is.

Spears are always nice to have.

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