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Just another job Part 4 - Gardening tools

AragmarApr 21, 2019, 7:20:43 PM

The armored suit which Rem usually wore was called “Brelt”. It was the most balanced from the three and offered more protection than Cyant. The helmet was slightly heavier and his face was protected by one very intimidating looking steel mask, which still offered him good field of vision. The sleeved, riveted chainmail, was long and its skirt protected the upper part of his legs. Brelt had also sabatons, boots and knee guards made of leather but those were reinforced with metal plates. The chainmail was too covered with square steel plates which protected his vital areas. Enchanted by one of his friends in the city, Brelt sported high resistance to piercing weapons. Rem could still skulk in the shadows with this armored suit and need not fear being backstabbed... at least once or twice, that is.

It took Rem close to half an hour to properly dress himself and that with the help of a professional maid. Somebody once told him that donning armor was easy and quick. Said somebody was caught with her pants down and stabbed full of arrowheads later, for you see – nobody could “armor up” on their own. Not unless you were wearing something light, like a gambeson and a chain shirt for example. Rem looked at the nearest polished surface and carefully locked his metal mask into the helmet's special grooves. Safely secured, that steel mask would not only protect his average looking face, but could also scare an unwitting bandit... or two. Crafted by the same halfling armorer who built Cyant, the mask made him look like an undead. Rem smiled beneath the skull shaped mask. Yes, it was indeed somewhat of a tired motif, but why change something if it worked so well? The thing even had a low tier magic spell in it, concealing his eyes and the casual observer would see just dark, empty eye sockets.

After Rem did a couple of squats and jumps to test the fit of his suit, he then walked over the weapon racks. Never mind that this was a simple job, or at least that was what he thought at first, the solver of problems was always well armed. You never knew what challenge it was that your destiny had spun that day when you walked out of your home. Altercations were sometimes unavoidable and as much as he disliked needless slaughter, Rem thought that it was better to have the proper weapon in hand, that not.

First, Rem glanced at his collection of ranged weaponry. This job was, at least on first glance, to be a light skirmish and his enemy was probably a dozen strong. He outright discarded the notion of lugging his arcane musket about – Rem already had six of those watching his behind and the charges for this beastly thing cost an arm and a leg. Rem had also paid top coin for the services of said war band, therefore it was a needless expenditure for him to waste more gold on expensive ammunition. Taking into account the fact that he had to shoot his chosen weapon in a forest environment, Rem had a somewhat limited choice. Nevertheless, his tools were well crafted and enchanted, their ammunition cheap and easy to procure on the Shadow market. Rem had to carefully pick one that most suited the tactics he'd chose:

1. The first weapon Rem picked up from his “gun rack” was a light, automatic crossbow. This was “The Loom”, a compact, light weapon with medium range and excellent accuracy. It was fed with clips, and a lever mechanism which was part of the trigger assembly allowed the shooter to load the next bolt. The mechanism was well maintained and oiled with alchemical grease, it produced almost no sound when Rem pulled it. Reloading, at least for someone experienced like him, took only but a second. Replacing the spent five bolt clip with a fresh one was a bit time consuming but, still, it took only a few seconds. Of course, all bolt tips were drenched in poison. Easy to make, “Choke Death” quickly filled the target's lungs with liquid, ensuring slow and agonizing death. That poison had a “nifty” side effect – said target was also unable to scream for help. “The Loom” was Rem's weapon of choice when he had to go stealthy all the way. There was a catch though; this poison, sometimes the physically tough resisted “Choke Death” and there were people who were outright immune to it. Like the dark elves, for example. Kan, almost all of the poisoners who made the stuff were dark elves! The weapon was enchanted with Night Watch magic, allowing Rem to see in the dark when he fired it and he carried a total of two clips – one loaded and one spare.

"The Loom"

2. The second weapon Rem picked up was his War Bow “Stake”. Somewhat bigger than “The Loom”, it was nevertheless a compact weapon and only someone like him could draw it all the way. Obviously the bow was made for him personally. Everything was precisely calculated, both bowstring and the bow itself, so that he could make use of all his strength. The weapon, just as any other in his arsenal was enchanted. “Stake” had a Kinetic Punch magic imbued in its bowstring and weak-footed, limp-kneed enemies were bound to fall square on their ass after being hit. That is, if they survived with an arrow sticking from their backs. Bodkin arrowheads adorned all of its arrows and the compact quiver held ten of those, safely secured, muffled so that there was no noise when the archer pulled one. Since it was a bow, Rem could also try to use some of his trick shots – like loosing two arrows at once or even a curved shot. “Stake” was a flexible weapon and he could count on its armor-piercing arrows to go through chainmail, in most cases. Nevertheless, the bow strained him considerably and after a dozen of shots he had to take a breather.

Compact War Bow.

3. Last but not least, Rem examined his “Tri-shooter”. The three barreled carbine was much akin to his long arcane musket, but its charges were only a third of their cost. Its three barrels turned in a manner much akin to a revolver's cylinder - when one barrel was emptied, the shooter rotated the next one into position and cocked the hammer. It was a muzzle loader and the arcane powder used imbued the musket ball with magical energy, therefore low tier projectile defense magic was all but useless against its shots. That was by no means a quiet weapon and had quite the kick, but in most cases what you hit rolled dead on the ground with a nice gory hole... or a missing limb. Took some time to reload, around a minute or so in the best of conditions. The weapon was enchanted with Bleeding Cut magic. Any and all wounds that it caused bled profusely, until treated with healing spells or potions. Rem carried nine cartridges total; three loaded and the spare six all neatly packed in their loops on the weapon's leather sling. His particular version was crafted in such a way that Rem could fire all three barrels at the same time. That he did... once. He spent a month after, healing his broken collar bone and dislocated shoulder.  


I will post the next part soon. You chose the "Stake"!

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