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Just another Job Part 3 - Dressing for the job

AragmarApr 19, 2019, 5:01:22 PM

Something stank to high Vortex and if Rem had to go after those bandits, he’ll be damned to do so without backup. Just in case that certain somebody, who lost their oh-so-expensive and important chest so easily, omitted an important piece of information. Rem was no fool, neither he was overconfident. He would ask the Hoods for full assistance – not only a scout team but one of their war bands, just in case. It was clear that he had to pay good coin for that and be indebted, owe the Hoods a favor. Dead men spent no coin, only undead could do so and Rem loved his fleshy self too much to become one of the blessed so soon...

Rem and Bortom shook hands to seal their agreement. Then they attacked the perfectly grilled giant cod. Bortom made sure to leave one juicy peace for his wife, who joined them a couple of minutes later balancing a tray full of steaming hot baked potatoes. Rem had to part with his full coin purse and indeed promise to lend his services for free at a later date, but now when he thought about it, that was the safest bet. The Hoods quickly mobilized one of their war bands – six of the best riflemen in these parts would watch Rem's behind. That they'd do from a safe distance and with those arcane muzzle loaders of theirs backing him up, he could even stroll into Krart's lower level dungeons. But that, hopefully would not happen soon. Rem very much so disliked taking deadly dungeon strolls, which most adventurers partook in or the professional dungeon explorers made their living of. He was a solver of problems, not monster bait! Bortom promised to have all the reconnaissance information he asked for ready, together with his war band, tomorrow. Rem was even gifted all of that giant cod's bones by Bortom's wife, who noticed the curious glares he threw at the whitish pile, which quickly rose in height each time any of them ate a piece of fish. Certainly that was a nice bonus and Rem would stash the precious crafting material until time came for him to visit Kan's Temple.

Fantasy mansions look so mysterious!

Now, back at his mansion, Rem skipped dinner and spent the evening in his study reading. He gave Val the evening off and asked for a tray of her freshly baked magical cookies. The pork stuffed baked goodness was one of her specialties and went together with mead like bread and butter. Rem made sure to check all of his two Ninth old and even older letters. Somehow he hoped to find more clues, bits and pieces of information which by themselves seemed unrelated. No luck there, but before he retired to his chambers, Rem stumbled upon one curious rumor – it seems that the previous month, somebody murdered Vervic, one of the best chest makers in Krart. That elf was one of the best craftsmen in the city and when it came to strong chests or alchemical locks, the elder chest master had no equal. With that curious bit of information festering in his brain, Rem fell asleep.

Rem has secret passages leading everywhere and, of course, out of the mansion.

Next morning he woke up early by the enticing aroma of freshly brewed tea and baked bread. After quickly gobbling up the warm, hearty breakfast, Rem, playing with the key to his Armory, asked Val to accompany him. The maid, somewhat perplexed, followed in his steps with her usual grace.

“Master, why would I need to have a weapon on my person? Do you expect an attack?” - Her innocent voice echoed throughout the secret corridor, while Rem disarmed the magical wards protecting his Armory and unlocked its doors.

“Oh no, not in the least, Valeria. I am simply concerned for your safety, that's it.” - Rem opened one of the secret compartments which were built next to the entrance of his Armory and pulled his spare arcane pistol. He checked if the weapon was still loaded by sliding the rotating chamber aside, cranking it and then clicking the mechanism back into position.

“Here, you as a maid are trained in self defense, right? The arcane gun is one of the newest coin can buy and has six shots. Hopefully you will never use it but... better to have it than not. Am I right?”

“Yes Master! Thank you for the most generous gift!” - Valeria picked the gun, held the weapon with both hands, safety on, of course, the elven maid aimed at the closest armor stand, one eye closed.

A helmet-less suit of armor.

“Now holster that thing and help me dress for the job, Val.” - Rem produced one leather holster which had twelve spare shots on its belt, enchanted to conceal the gun from prying eyes and gave it to Valeria. You wore all armor suits over a gambeson and he picked on of his newest after disrobing. Wasting no more time, Rem stood before the three armor stands, examined his prized armor suits and deliberated on which one he should be wearing this time.

The armored suit which Rem usually wore was called “Brelt”. It was the most balanced from the three and offered more protection than Cyant. The helmet was slightly heavier and his face was protected by one very intimidating looking steel mask, which still offered him good field of vision. The sleeved, riveted chainmail, was long and its skirt protected the upper part of his legs. Brelt had also sabatons, boots and knee guards made of leather but those were reinforced with metal plates. The chainmail was too covered with square steel plates which protected his vital areas. Enchanted by one of his friends in the city, Brelt sported high resistance to piercing weapons. Rem could still skulk in the shadows with this armored suit and need not fear being backstabbed... at least once or twice, that is.

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