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Joined August 13, 2018 I added my name in brackets because 'fuck you' The song 'Tonight We're Kids Again (Illenium Remix) by Dada Life will explain the above reasoning lmao Then listen to the song 'Cause I'm A Man (Haim Remix) By Tame Impala & chill Every-time I log onto Facebook or use Google I play the song 'Eye in The Sky' by The Allan Parson's Project & when I log onto Twitter I rewrite The Chainsmokers song to be "I log onto the net like everybody hates me" lol I want to go everywhere & do everything. I'll talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything. I take drugs so that you don't have to If we let social media turn into a Matriarchy(think about it) I'll be uber depressed. This isn't real life but I wish it were in VR then in simulation. Hello fellow autodidacts welcome to the matrix try the grey pill (game theory) The world is confusing, let's figure this one out together :) Male, 26, Fit as fuck, smarter than your average millennial, get on the bandwagon or get out of my way Trying to be the modern-day Socrates because we need an army of overly-inquisitive weirdos #TheAutodidactsAreComing If I ever became the leader of a benevolent dictatorship (not my modus operandi but hey I'm pretty awesome) then my cult of personality would be centred on reading A Brief History of Time and meditating Can't wait to be politically assassinated & be martyred for Freedom of Expression (the robots will worship my rapier wit after I'm gone) Future youngest Prime Minister of Canada (as long as people can grow the fuck up and take a joke) Someone will find this channel and marry me "I don't feel the need to make friends by not saying exactly what I think" Almost a 2011 SJW (thank fuck I missed that one)-bullet dodged, brain matter still intact Should have been a DJ... or a comedian, or a physicist...idfk anymore Mr.Nobody is the best movie of all time bar none Caffeine, Ephedrine, Cannabis (combine small amounts of these until you have a solid regiment to maximize daily mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual output and understanding) Lifting weights & reading the greats Paul Dirac worshiper I am Deus Ex Machina "I drink therefore I am" s=klogw Motion through space effects the passage of time "The Sleep of Reason Brings Forth Monsters" Totalitarianism is best described as: "A boot stamping on a human face forever" Hitchens reincarnate Futurist Counter-Extremist Anti-Totalitarian Centrist Culture War Medic #Physics #AI #Advancedrobotics #3Dprinting #futurist #EDM #psychedelics #love Watch @Styxhexenhammer every morning Remind @JamesN every night (more like a few times a week but still)
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Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you."

I'll be your tour guide for this evening

"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." (1 Thessalonians 5:21, KJV). "The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going." (Proverbs 14:15, KJV). I am interested in exploring various different viewpoints in science. "Exploring viewpoints Controversies of Science, little-known information, and more" Disclaimer: This page is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice. No claims as to the completeness or accuracy of the information presented are made. Under no circumstances shall the owner of this page be liable and/or responsible to any person or entity for any action taken on the basis of the information presented on this page.

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