Zilverbacks reveals an intriguing ride with vibrant layers of guitars, offset against a throaty and coarse vocal delivery; drawing comparisons to an early King Krule. The latest single ‘Breakthrough‘ sounds like a Clean Cut Kid record but with more punch, accompanied by lead vocalist Chris Harris' distinct vocal tone. The boldness and sense of spirit only serves to add to Zilverback’s personality, a personable and genuine musician who sings with raw emotion. With the Debut Album "At A Time When Time Was Irrelevant" released, the stereo mix leans more onto grunge, while the sonic landscape created by multi-instrumentalist Harris crosses into the realm of confrontation. The lyricism follows the solum themes of loss, love and insanity set against the backdrop of a beautifully organic and robust instrumental. Unable to read music and with no formal musical education under his belt, the task of producing the entirety of the album in his bedroom would have seemed almost impossible, however within just half a year he has created a diversely powerful collection of evocative lyrics and eclectic sounds that have made many pay attention to his musicianship and songwriting abilities. Without the aid of any professional studio equipment, his portfolio must be considered an impressive body of work at the least. Please Support by Following on Spotify / Instagram / Twitter / Youtube / BandCamp / ITunes

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Andrew "Ace" Arsenault
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Open Thoughts, Electrical Engineering, Computer Programming, Music & Oldskool Technology. I design audio gear, compose music and build experimental musical instruments. Software Engineer by day, Electrical Engineer by night, Musician on weekends. Everything I post is original content unless otherwise noted. +++

Oct 2019
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