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Explorer of nature. Finder of stillness. Photographer. All photos Β© @aloneinthewoods Upvote, remind & subscribe! To all my supporters, Thank You! My NFT collections: https://opensea.io/AloneInTheWoodsOfficial

An incredibly random guy who's trying to do some good in this World! Former Combat Medic (Army) and PMC, now an Aerospace Engineer who cannot stand virtue signalling celebs. Heavily engaged with my own efforts in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Projects focused on promoting/supporting education, science, debate, engineering as well as Women in STEM. My outlook on life is this. We've all got problems, you, me everyone has something going on in our life. Treat me with respect and I will treat you the same way. I'm willing to discuss the difference of ideas, I'd rather discuss our difference over a brew than knock seven shades of shite out of each other, We've all got more in common than not. I don't care for what's in your bank account or what job you have, I am more interested in who you are and how you treat others. Life can be hellish at times. I am just a guy doing his own thing and trying to do some good in this life.

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Greetings and salutations friends and gamers! My name is GM Dave, I am your Man Behind the Screen, and I'm here to share with you a slew of helpful tips, tricks, and ideas for running your own tabletop RPGs. Be it helpful game hints to system showcases, industry musings to tabletop theorycrafting, you can find all that and more right here. But this isn't just the home to my tabletop musings. I also share links for Phoenix Rising, my fantasy adventure webcomic hosted on Webtoon, as well as the Zero G Podcast, a pop culture show I host alongside fellow webtoon author and creator of Immortal Blood, Z-Enith. So stick around, friends and gamers, and don't forget - in the world of tabletop gaming, you don't want to just sit back and watch. Get in there and game!

Completely unqualified commentary on business, politics, and economics. I will throw in some lame selfies for good measure also. #cryptocurrency #blockchain

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Astrid the Online Viking
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On my Viking phone, posting about what interests me the most. Have a nice day

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