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a pretty girl that takes no shit
I am from thailand Live in Phuket, love nature, cooking and life.
I love inspirational words....if you are looking for one,you are on the right channel, like and subscribe!!!!! love ya
New memer in your area. Government want us to sleep and be their puppet. So we, are making memes to make them clowns
Aircraft Engineer
Just love modeling and fashion in general. Live in Greece and im a model myself I'm going to post about models,fashion etc. Love the people who support me and i will support you too!
I share interesting items of all sorts for meme's, movies, items I sell, songs I may like, and cute animal pictures that I find (mostly my animals). You can view what I have at a few places: and then I have a inventory website if you would like me to set up a special sale for you that would have many items in it ->
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