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I'm a front-end dev and Technical writer My topics will be about programmers Memes I love Anime and some of manga ....................... #programming_memes #Programs #anime
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I do photography and art. My📷 is a ZTE blade a7 prime, I use my photography for the base of my art using manipulation and Photoshop to get the end results. My shop: Instagram: fadedmoon13
We are a custom and spec building and development company. We also do renovations and remodels.We provide Custom Homes, Garage Building, Historic Building Conservation, Home Additions, Home Extensions, Home Remodeling, Home Restoration, New Home Construction, Pool House Design & Construction services.
Zero Fucking Tolerance! Socialism Multiculturalism Globalism The Cult of Islam Equality of outcome Sustainability The Global Warming Farce The U.N Statism Censorship These are ideologies that must be eviscerated with extreme prejudice! No negotiations whatsoever, None!
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Normal news is creating real news.
Oct 2021
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