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I was born in 1980 in Czechoslovakia, where I was surrounded by metal casting from a young age. My father, a master craftsman and foundry man, taught me the traditional techniques of brass and glass chandelier-making in my hometown of Kamenicky Senov – the birthplace of world-famous Bohemian Glass. I studied Design & Art Casting at the School of Applied Arts & College of Craft, Turnov, and also completed a History of Arts degree. I have dedicated my adult life to mastering the craft, traveling around the world from central Europe to New Zealand to learn new techniques. I am known for my traditional yet unconventional approach and understanding of the whole process from conception to final bronze product. Now living in London, I bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to everything I create. I am a perfectionist who researches my projects for months before beginning. To make one-of-a-kind pieces, I frequently use lost or forgotten methods. My work is heavily influenced by my Czech heritage and the Art Nouveau Movement, characterized by its meticulous attention to detail, which ensures that each piece I create is genuinely unique and breathtaking in its own right. I have served as a craftsman for hundreds of other artists, but my own work has yet to be fully professionally recognized. In 2020, I left my position as production supervisor at COX London to focus entirely on designing my designs. The present body of work is being created.
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Just an artist scraping by. I refuse to shy from NSFW art and am willing to draw almost anything. Patreon- Family Discord- Walled off for the time being. Redbubble- Open for Commissions Basic Prices Sketch- $10 B&W- $15 Color- $25
Building my way UP. Step by step. Layer by LAYER
ancient greek Enthusiastic Ancient greece quotes from greek philosophers SUB FOR SUB :)
I'm a 3D artist Check out my It'll get updated eventually =P Also, follow me on you may find something useful or a bit of inspiration there
Welcome to Wanderlust Saga​ - a series of terraformed worlds that make up the next frontier of mankind. Each world comes with its own set of struggles, whether due to the harshities of the biomes themselves or inner-personal feuds.
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Feb 2021
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