Most of you guys know me from my YouTube channel. #TripTeamFamily is what it’s about 🍄❤️… youtuber, mycologist, influencer is just the surface! Do Good, Be Good, Live Good 🕉 Subscribe to my YouTube channel 👉 www.YouTube.com/c/willyworld

The aim of 'goomies' is to bring together individuals with an interest in psychedelics to share ideas, art and information about various aspects of the experience. Although originally started on Instagram, I felt that it was only right to move the lab wing to a less restrictive platform. Mush love everyone 🍄💙

cannabis, memes, crypto and liberty

Crypto, NFTs, Mycology, Exotic Cannabis Cultivator & Connoisseur IG: ⛽️: @XipLockrZ 🍄: @StreetPhFarms Twitter: @Decentraworld

I should probably put some type of disclaimer here.

Mycologist who specializes in psilocybin mushrooms while also actively practices cultivation of cannabis. provides interesting content, facts and topics around Cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms. memeoligist on the side! *** No items for sale here, just content*** ----- Follow me on Twitter ----- twitter.com/mycbud

🇦🇹Bas🇦🇹 Citizen Mycologist basidiumequilibrium.com

Chef. An enthusiast for all foods which cause your mood to soar. Full spectrum foods and more. Im also an advocate for severe pain patients, and living an opiate free life. If you or someone you know needs help kicking an addiction contact me, ill be happy to help free of charge.

Peace ☮️ Love ❤️ & Deep Healing ❤️‍🩹 NOTHING FOR SALE 21+ Research Purposes Only

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