INFP. Small talk hater. Creator of Real Talk: https://www.facebook.com/JustRrealTalk/
Trench_Monkey_band is comprised of 3 musicians formed in Northwestern Oklahoma to entertain their fellow human life form and have fun doing so. Please subscribe to our channel to keep up to date on our music. We would like to thank everyone for your up votes, reminds and comments. We especially like to thank all who have wired tokens. Thank you for your support. www.trenchmonkeyband.com Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvWUHAtS_PIFtfeKqw9rg8A Thank you for your wires. @Upgradde @NormBauer @ottman @RedDragonLS @delastman @DebraFoster
BI,MMJ Advocate, born in the 90s, here to hopefully spread the word about some stuff ya know. -Weeed -Music -Love -Peace -Not very close to reaching Nirvana. Let them be the fuel to your fire. https://www.twitch.tv/yeeilikeflower Instagram: yeeilikeflower
Hi, I am Jerry and I live in Bay Shore. I am working as a Clerical specialist and my work is answering phones, scheduling appointments, filing documents and conference meetings, preparing correspondence and maintaining sensitive data. one day some clients came to our office and they all are an astrologer and they all are discussing Tantrik In Delhi, even for us it is a very interesting topic and it is very helpful for people. I spend my free time with my family and going on tour also.
I'm a hard-working, self-motivated and confident individual with skills and experiences of working in various sectors. In my spare time, I like spend time with family and going to cinema.
Aug 2021
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