Anarcho-capitalist, Masters in Financial Analysis, erudite, polymath.

Professional Counselor; Part-time Writer; Classical liberal/libertarian

SUBSCRIBE && HIT the THUMBS UP && HIT the BELL to GET UPDATES Groot Ratel Family: We are John, Jane and our 2 Boys. Together we are going on a journey of life on the homestead. I, John was born in South Africa and Jane, was born in MN. 'Groot' is an Afrikaans word for 'Big' and 'Ratel' is an Afrikaans word for 'Honey Badger'. This has great meaning for us that it takes WORK to Make USAmerica Great again, via #homesteading #farm #homestead #farming #grow #food #MAGA #KAG Groot Ratel, Join us John & Jane in our journey to LEARN Self-sufft Farming.

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I'm founding "Ateleinautica" Navigating the reality, truth, facts... We don't have to make anything up to have an amazing view of the world, I can prove you that there is no fantasy that is more interesting that reality itself "if we crave for some cosmic purpose, let us find ourselves a worthy goal" 100% truth 0% censorship No taboos, no echochambers, no prejudice

Jan 2021
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