regular guy. 馃嚚馃嚘 F R E E 馃摚 S P E E C H DFS is a character and not a real person.

We really aren't a thing per se *giggle* but I see things in ways that you probably dont so that makes two of us now~

Firm beliver in a anarcho big titty elf capitalism

Welcome to my Channel. I make guides, reviews and lets plays for video games

Spiritually, Politically, and Culturally vigilant citizen. Jesus is Lord, the son of the God of Israel. The Bible is scripture, God given wisdom. All denominations are corrupt: "When one of you says, "I follow Paul," and another, "I follow Apollos"--aren't you acting like worldly people?" Nationalism is the right political stance for any nation, and any person should vote this way in whatever country they are a citizen of. All people of European heritage should defend their people and vote and act in accordance with that ideal. Western Civilization is Christian and all whites and all Christians in these nations should strongly defend this culture. The media lies to us constantly and vigilance is required to see events and news clearly. One should always keep an eye on the subtext and subconscious implications of any TV show, movie, and commercial that they see. Capitalism is the natural order and without healthy business and private property rights, we would have nothing that our advanced Western nations enjoy. The Talmud, Zohar, and Kabbalah, are heretical Jewish teachings received by false prophets from Satan. Jesus himself spoke of these degenerate men, calling them "the synagogue of Satan" and acknowledged that they were in fact not really Jews at all. The New World Order is Satanic, and created and led by Jews. Jews also created the Satanic entertainment industry in both Hollywood and music. They are behind all the perverted filth we see and hear in entertainment. They are behind every disruptive perverted social, sexual, and racial movement that has destroyed the United States Christian culture that made America great and strong. These same Jews created Communism as well, and we know the fruits of all these things. *** In this fight for our people's future I care no more for humility than I do for arrogance. *** Favorite content creators: @blackpilled @redicetv @nowhiteguilt @wayoftheworld @branditx @stefanmolyneux @infowars @markcollett

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