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Admirer of arts. Planning to use this account as a blog for art history (coming soon xD )

Anime, manga, gaming and general weeb stuff

boat enjoyer, linux enthusiast, if shit hits the fan follow me on poa.st https://poa.st/@EdBoatConnoisseur

Godson Romeo
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i am not trying to be found by people who i know, but here are some of my interests anyway: anime, cosplay, kigurumi, ball jointed dolls, conventions, anime figures, contemporary japanese art, itasha, jfashion, and occasionally i read manga or play video/mobile games (mainly rhythm). i was told there is freedom of speech here, so hopefully this website doesnt ban me. we'll see i guess.

『CKT』 KairyLuminess
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CKT leader. Watch Date A Live Anime titties and shit posts www.twitch.tv/kairyluminess Twitter.com/kairyluminess

my life has 2 motto's -it's not suicide if I'm braindead -apple pie taste good

Complete anti social animanga,J-gaming(Especially kusoge and JP imports),misanthropic lone wolf and there's honestly nothing else at all to say about me.

Apr 2019
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