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Full Stack Developer curious about all things technology. I like to share knowledge and learn from my peers, so we can all grow and become better 😁 Trying new technologies as I come across them and coming out of my comfort zone to challenge myself is what I enjoy most. Currently dabbling in Web3 and DApps, specifically using EVM.
resourcinHub was founded back in 2018 with the purpose to serve the recruitment industry globally. We aim to provide business support services mainly to recruitment agencies regardless of being small or large. We strive to make your business more productive with least possible cost to ensure efficiency and move the profit margins to the next level. We are a dedicated, discipline specific team of consultants who know that good candidates are hard to find & we provide our clients by critically analyzing their need and then acting upon it to meet the desired goals.
In the place where you stood, the air's filling in. I search for a world where nets catch the wind.. biting sarcasm
CEO and Editor in Chief of The New World Order Chronicles. Supplier of Woketard Poison. Off Colour remarks. Immune System Conspiracy Theorist. Pureblood. The Great Awakening. White Lives Matter. Tips if you like my work. Message me for Commissions.
Jun 2019
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