Timothy Martin

Tattooed Traditionalist. Catholic (SSPX). Hoosier. Dieselpunk. Tolkien Enthusiast. 18th Century History nerd. Proud Anglo. Monarchist. Feudalist Distributist. Integralist. Pizza connoisseur. Pipe Smoker. Rebel of the Sacred Heart.
The Association for the Establishment of Public Traditionalism in America (EPTA) is a Catholic not-for-profit startup seeking to coordinate fellow traditionalists towards our duties in the secular world, including community, education, and business.
Read the Bible in 160+ languages and 800+ versions with Audio.
Hi! My name's Mark. I'm looking forward to networking and developing my profile here.
Catholic. Kind of a weeb. Vaguely resembles a human Snorlax. Facebook refugee. Blunt as a spoon, no filter. Ugly AF. Ailurophile. Jacobite, Carlist, Légitimist.
☦︎ #Orthodox —husband—Dad™—tonsured reader—Byzantine chanter—#subsidiarity / #distributism / #localism / #cooperatives / #solidarity / #tradition advocate—#CommonGood conservative—developing https://muck.cash Just living in the Symbolic World preparing for our #postliberal future #Orthodoxy #EndTheFed #Paleocon #StrongTowns
He must increase, but I must decrease.
All about the gentility of a MAN!
I find that the work which defines most people is done from the love they have of some particular art: philosophy, music, literature, science, engineering, craftsmanship, or something else. What seems to define my action is a lack of all impulse to accomplish any other thing than that which might restore metaphysical transcendentals - that is, God - back to human life.
I'm a single mom with three kids Just need some help to train up my kids
Mar 2020
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