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Have to travel with history and historical places.Learn from Past,Enjoy nature and nature beauty.

Kevin Mulleady is a serial entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded over 25 successful companies. His expertise also extends into executive leadership, with a proven track record including management and board experience. Kevin Mulleady has built a robust background with a very unique skill set. The synthesis of his multidisciplinary experiences transformed him into a well-rounded, seasoned entrepreneur at a young age. His self-starter mentality and determination further propel him to be successful in a wide variety of projects. Although sector agnostic, he has devoted recent focus to his technology portfolio, however; you never know what is around the corner for Kevin Mulleady. While Kevin Mulleady remains hungry in the pursuit of professional excellence, he is also active in the philanthropic community, dedicating much of his time towards supporting organizations and projects with a focus on deserving causes. As a passionate philanthropist and world-traveler, Kevin is resourceful, analytical, results-driven, fearless, and ambitious.

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