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Co-creator of human shaped realities! I run a social network that is focused on healing, balancing and evolving at
Views358.66k Infinite Being | Music Producer | Multi-Instrumentalist | Performer | Digital Artist | Graphic Designer | Alchemist | Writer | Permaculture Enthusiast | Futurist | Dreamer Greetings! My name is Dayne. Welcome to one of my little corners of the digital world. I collect and produce high-quality ORMUS products; create and sell original works of digital art on organic cotton canvas prints and organic cotton t-shirts; and compose, produce, and perform original acoustic and electronic music. I am a relentless advocate for natural living, organic foods, permaculture gardening, sustainable communal living, and the expansion of consciousness. Playful experimentation is the heart of life. ETSY: DONATE: WEBSITE: SOUNDCLOUD: BANDCAMP: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR: YOUTUBE: TWITTER: PINTEREST: MEWE: PATREON:

Time is the only thing that you can never get back, I've wasted some of mine on people that didn't even deserve a second of it....if I could go back some people would be scratched out of my history book!! And yes the banner pic is mine more available...

Hey there. Name: David Rumsfeld. Reason I joined: Facebook kicked me for no reason. My RedBubble Account:

I'm an audio engineer, digital musician, remixer and educator, based in the UK. Also interested in science, technology and UK politics

Hello and welcome! I wonder who you are: been through any kind of grueling life ordeal lately? Did you meet it like a lion or will you be chalking it down to experience and hastily moving on? I'd love to know. Are you religious/atheist/spiritual? Have you been through any initiations, even? Are you prepared to share the experience? On this channel, you will find that everything is about initiation. Which is a lot. Spiritual initiation, I mean. I have to use the "spiritual" word to distinguish between the real thing and secular initiations like hazing and gang induction ordeals. But initiation is not about being spiritual at all, really.... It's about: Mythology Religion Grueling endurance Shamanism Enlightenment Hair-raising psycho-spiritual experience The Mysteries Indigenous peoples Personal transformation Entheogens History Kundalini Philosophy Dreams Near Death Experiences Secret Societies Death and rebirth I could go on but I won't. Please subscribe if you're interested. Thanks to for the most appropriate lightbulb avatar, which I'll probably keep :-)

Activist, Artist, Musician, Producer, Radio Host etc.

Seeker of truth and wisdom/Spreader of light and love

Jun 2013
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