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Co-creator of human shaped realities! I run a social network that is focused on healing, balancing and evolving at

D'Oyen Fraser is a bio electromagnetic stimulation therapist, leptokinetic healer, author, and was formally trained in medical reiki, recieving a 200 hour teacher training certification. A pioneer in the field of energy healing. He has developed two methodologies Leptokinetic healing and higherself integration. He also created a step by step process geared towards increasing the human voltage and activating the full potential of the cellular healing. D'Oyen's human activation process manifests differently than most, commonly manifesting in the form of involuntary stimuli. While there are many forms of human activation, the involuntary stimuli signify to him that the human activation process is taking place. #spirituality #energyhealing #meditation #esoteric #healthyliving #gogreen

Time is the only thing that you can never get back, I've wasted some of mine on people that didn't even deserve a second of it....if I could go back some people would be scratched out of my history book!! And yes the banner pic is mine more available...

Hey there. Name: David Rumsfeld. Reason I joined: Facebook kicked me for no reason. My RedBubble Account:

Brian of London is not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy. Brian moved to Israel a few years ago: he is OF London not in London.

For special supporters, I have some artsy things, Currently 2 OPTIONS of awesome swag, with more on the way....

Psychic. Lion Tamer. Ensorcelling Muse.

Winging it through the journey we call life. Questioning & listening to all, following none except an informed heart. Photography is one of the outlets for my passion. Questioning the status quo is the other.

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