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Suit And Cry
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Your mom's favourite hedge fund manager.

Based out of Norway, Kaslex is an electronic music artist who is working in genres ranging from Dubstep, hybrid trap to downtempo and future bass. Having grown up in a musical household, his interest in the world of electronic music and dubstep began at a young age, when he was introduced to music by Skrillex. Blown away by the amalgamation of sounds and beats, he instantly fell in love with the genre and began to learn music production on his own, intrigued by the processes behind music he loves. ​ Getting his start as Kaslex in 2012, he has been working on his craft for nearly a decade, exploring the subgenres within electronic music. The process of creation for Kaslex is a way to calm the soul, and he views music as its own language. For him, creation offers a feeling and sense of fulfillment that nothing else is able to provide, and he hopes through his work to offer inspiration to others and to continue to push the limits in terms of musical creation. With hopes of seeing the world, and bringing his music on tour, his work can currently be found online at kaslexofficial.com, and across streaming platforms such as Spotify and Soundcloud.


Jun 2019
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