I believe in truth,facts and evidence over emotional outrage. I am vary much libretarian politically speaking and believe in the non aggression principles. I do not believe in censorship but I do believe in personal responsibility and the right to choose for yourselves what you want in life. My biggest pet peeve is people not being able to shows levels of reasoning or logic that is ment to critically think for themselves. I to make mistakes but at least I correct them and acknowledge them . The Canadian Frost is my trademark. I do write random blogs and once in a while will make movies. Also feel free to follow me on Gab, flote,vero and wix. If you want to donat its up to you but this is not my fulltime job so would rather appreciate the boost in users rather then donations. I don't do this for money but it would be appreciated. Email [email protected] Our new dispensary buying series: Where are the deals for patients? Prices are still high in Massachusetts, we’re searching for the best products and prices, so you don’t have to.

I am a Libertarian philosophically leaning towards anarco- capitalist. Fuck Marxism and socialist ideals.

Feb 2020
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