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Trader and writer. What is on my page? To be perfectly honest it will be mostly about finance, trading and making money along with some wise words (yeah right!). The link to my trading strategy guide is in the page somewhere. I will be writing more in the future. I also have a blog on wordpress that I update almost every day. I am online most days but I do have the odd day where real life gets in the way.
We are a Group of traders who are eager to Master the Art of Chart Reading using the Elliott Wave Theory. Come and join us on our journey to Financial Freedom. You can support this channel here: BTC 12Vc6sQM2SS3ZgA1TeLP6ToMoQDVGgj1SJ ETH 0x4F918756926F2f401e4dcfC641B12Af7E3E5147E
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Stable and profitable Forex trading (income 4-8% per month), without big risks, for 1 year. I invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation! If you are interested in a small (up to 10%) of the amount of financial investments, income, then write to me. I'll explain everything in detail. Prequel: It was the beginning of 2020 , a good salary and availability of loans, with the arrival of covid-19, a lot has changed. A gradual reduction in wages, and loans remained in the same amount - they had to be paid in a timely manner. I had to look for additional sources of income (the state promised to provide some financial assistance, but only promised, nothing more). Under these conditions, Forex has become a stable source of financing, but stable. Unfortunately, there are not so many personal financial resources, so I turn to you for mutually beneficial cooperation. I work on the Instaforex exchange, my PAMM account describes my trading conditions. My trading account: 80982130, PAMM account: 80982130 LEVEL ANALYTICS. If you are familiar with the Forex market, you know what to do. If you have any questions, please contact me personally. Sincerely, Yuri Olegovich.
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DM Lucia on Instagram, Telegram or on Google chat @Luciaeriickson and [email protected]
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