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Hi frens! I'm migrating here to showcase my 3D art and animation gallery. If you voted for Biden, you can fuck right off and take a leap of faith off a fucking cliff where sharp rocks wait for you at the bottom. You'd be doing the world a favor! Also, if you support ANTIFA, BLM, Neo-Nazi, social justice horseshit, or hate America; then go fuck yourself! I hope you die in the worst way imaginable, and stay the fuck off my channel, commie faggots. Enjoy!

Children’s illustrator, wife, mom of boys. Follows Jesus.

I'm a Canadian, a former academic, an old-school liberal and I make grumpy YouTube videos.

Business page for Institute 27 Films, an independent film production company operating in the North East of England.

Just an artist trying to grow within the art community and make friends. I'm a comic artist, dnd character artist, tattoo designer, and digital painter.

Steven Crowder
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Welcome! My name is Jenny Lynn and I am a traditional artist. I primarily paint & draw and I also dabble (a bit) with other forms of creative media like filming, photography, and design. Aside from art I love hiking, travel, music, film, dancing, strange foods, books, meditation, retro/vintage things, learning, animals and various other adventures. contact: [email protected] [ ]

SUBSCRIBE FOR SUBSCRIBE BACK...🙏 #support my channel..i love natural, photography, adventure, gym, sport

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Jan 2021
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