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What Makes a Serial Killer?

topserialkillersfactsOct 3, 2018, 6:12:58 PM

Most of the world's horrifying acts of violence are usually committed by serial killers. Serial killers are always looking for the next victim after they have committed the first crime. The desire that is within them to kill lights an urge to continue with the horrifying crimes. They have a twisted motivation and even more twisted and weird techniques that they use to target their victims and kill them. Among the most frightening criminals in the world today are the famous serial killers due to their ways of killing the victims and how well they managed to hide the acts from the public and the police. Serial killers have hideous acts that they explore to target their victims. Most of the famous serial killers are survivors of trauma from early childhood of some kind of sexual or physical abuse, dysfunctional families or parents who are emotionally distant. In the biographies of most American serial killers trauma is the single most recurring aspect in their biographies. As much as it is hard to isolate what makes a serial killer, biographers of the notorious and most famous serial killers argue that it is intrinsic to human survival mechanism that serial killers have the repeatedly urge to kill. Top serial killers have anachronisms who have primal instincts are not being moderated by the intellectual parts we have as normal people in our brains. Read more about the  famous serial killers or click here for more information.

Serial killers whether famous or infamous serial killers perhaps are made. This means that factors surrounding their upbringing may cause them to behave in certain ways that prompts them to kill to gain the satisfaction they long desire. It is therefore crucial to put it that serial killers are made by factors that triggers that force them to do acts of violence and eventually kill. And often, that urge gravitates to sexual impulses in most of the serial killers, aggression and most cases hate of their victims. Most of the top serial killers the world has endured go by the name of the heartless evil since their acts are despicable to say the least and in most cases hard to describe what they do to the victims. The most famous serial killers are listed and you can check them out to learn how horribly their deeds were and in case justice was served to the victims. Most serial killers confess to their acts describing the horrific experience to the court but as much as they confess, the real motive still remains a mystery. Serial killers are psychopaths and going through the serial killers list, you will notice that most of them lured their victims before killing them in the end. Continue reading more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/garry-rodgers/how-to-avoid-being-murder_b_8707446.html.