TJ Marquis

Christian author of epic pulp science fantasy. Futurism, magic, metaphysics, and heroism!

Furry/Brony. Fan of old school pulp and pulpish sensibilities.

Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you."

Writer: Superhero Space Opera The Uplift Protocol

David Icke .com Worldwide Freedom Rally .com

Author of The Blackfire Chronicles, Volume 1 (and the soon to be published Volume 2), and the mystery/thriller Enders & Associates. Also coming soon: my part satire/part traditional story centering on politics and culture, and which is immensely critical of socialism, communism and politicians in general - Society’s House of Intractable Tension.

AI researcher and software engineer. Author of scifi and supernatural horror. S.D.G. AI researcher and software engineer. Author of scifi and supernatural horror. S.D.G.

Art of Michael Fulcher
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Artist, USA. I mostly paint , draw art and fantasy pictures, DM or e-mail [email protected] commissions are open! For prints and Original art, go to

I make a post-apocalyptic mecha webcomic that you can access here: and support here: I also have a gaming and other nerd hobbies channel here on bitchute: and here on youtube: odysee:

Fictional character from @Aragmar's awesome series of books Starshatter. Lover of pie. Explorer of food from all lands. Varied interests including languages and their connections to each other.

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Indie sci-fi novelist. Creator of Instruments of War. Proponent of freedom of speech. I love politically incorrect humor.

Jun 2020
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