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I've created a figure collection group called Cool Collectibles: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1204767771406417920/feed
location_onSan Juan County, Puerto Rico, USA

I am a UK based action figure and collectibles toy shop. I have been trader for just under a year. I am hoping to grow and make this my full time business venture. I ship to the UK and most European countries. Email for more information of shipping to other countries [email protected] www.strangeworldcollectibles.co.uk

Looking to expand my art reach onto multiple platforms and was drawn to the idea of what this one has to offer.

Independant Creative Artist/Illustrator All art is absolutely original - hand-crafted using techniques passed down from father to son since time immemorial ... and also a Wacom tablet usually. Please enjoy my gallery responsibly (try not to overdose on nostalgia and pop culture nonsense) and be sure to tell all of your friends. ...if you need assistance - I’ll be right over here.

...things and moments that relax me and give me some pleasure ... ... tasting alcohol and cigars... ... bike and running ...

i make da arts ( ・∀・)✏️ | Links: https://krocodilian.carrd.co

Freelance Illustrator

An artists from Sweden. I like doing horror art and write lore for my pictures as a creative exercise. My main artistic mediums is ballpoint ink pen drawings, and watercolor paints with acrylic highlights and marker pens.

Of course, I’m naughty. I’ve always had to compete for attention, you see. Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly😜😜😜.

Vitrivius gallery is an art platform built to sponsor, promote and sell digital artworks. We work like an auction house but simple and cooler! We make online art openings, with music and interviews so people can appreciate and get to know our artists all around the world! Our primary mission is to create the perfect link for artists and collectionist looking for a legitimate and secure transaction. All of this is possible thanks to the blockchain technology. Here below you’ll find the biggest highlights of our work, the service we offer and what makes our platform outstanding!

Character Design Major - Digital Artist

Interdisciplinary artist, I make art of all sort of different subjects and try stay real. My most often used medium is watercolour, however I also use oils, pencils, and other dry mediums. I also knit and work as a video producer. My portfolio & store: https://www.artkarolina.com My Twitch channel: https://twitch.tv/artkarolina

San Juan County, Puerto Rico, USA
Dec 2019
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