Timo Burnham
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FQA Tester. I get paid to play your favourite games before you do. Agnostic. People over politics. Seeking respite from the Twitter badlands.

Sceptic, pragmatist, egalitarian.

I bully sluts. Girl Fetishist. Professional Chad. Not gay.

A professional writer, an amateur author and a lover of literature. Fierce defender of #freespeech and mocker of malicious nonsense. #DocAlpha #ToxicBrood

Your Posts Are Inconsequential Compared to Mine. (I’m taking a break from social media. don’t worry about me. 👌)

An artists from Sweden. I like doing horror art and write lore for my pictures as a creative exercise. My main artistic mediums is ballpoint ink pen drawings, and watercolor paints with acrylic highlights and marker pens.

Business page for Institute 27 Films, an independent film production company operating in the North East of England.

real human bean / real hero / buff women stan / hydration advocate / still fighting

Just an artist trying to grow within the art community and make friends. I'm a comic artist, dnd character artist, tattoo designer, and digital painter.

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Sep 2019
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