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Lover of Christ, bass player (worship, trip-hop, funk, prog rock, disco), into alt energy, cycles and frequencies, cryptocurrencies, economics, praxeology. A big picture thinker. ABOUT MY AVATAR, AND WHY MY BANNER SAYS 'END THE FED' This is Perseus and Medusa, an ancient archetype of good's triumph over evil. The symbolism is as follows: Perseus was a man, born of a woman impregnated by Zeus. So he's a human being with divine DNA, which empowers him to be especially effective in the mundane world of man. This is a symbol of who we are In Christ. We become born again when we believe, and our heritage is altered. We are born of the Spirit, God the Father becomes our father, and we are considered legally to have the same standing as Christ before the throne of God. We are more than man at that point, to the same degree that we abide in Christ. Medusa was a Titan. These were a race of giants that opposed the Greek gods, much like Lucifer and his angels who rebelled and opposed their Creator. The Titans also reflect the nephilim, a product of genetic corruption between fallen Luciferian angels and humans. These were the 'giants' of the Old Testament who infested Canaan and inspired the worship of Molech, which we see echoed today in the child abusive practices of pedophilia and abortion. These are sacrifices to a spiritual enemy. The tale of Perseus pits a divinely empowered man against the Titan Medusa, and Perseus is victorious of course- as good always triumphs over evil, eventually. The Federal Reserve was conceived in dishonesty and secrecy. Like the demons who oppose the Creator, it exists to control otherwise free people through the use of deception. Their specific method is economic manipulation, accomplished through the practice of legalized counterfeiting. They create currency which is backed by nothing- literally worthless paper, but they use the force of government violence to compel everyone to use it. They also get to dole out favors to controlled businesses in the private sector by penalizing their competitors and manipulating free markets. The government benefits from this arrangement because they get to spend whatever they want without any consequences, and the expense of their crimes are paid by everyone who uses the Fed's money in the form of price inflation. One of the primary sectors of business that the Fed favors is military corporations. These companies only profit if there's a war, so it's in this manipulated economy's best interest to always engage in conflict somewhere in the world. The same principle holds for other sectors of the economy- medicine, insurance, food production, etc. The resulting moral hazard is similar- individuals are disadvantaged for the benefit of large conglomerates. The Fed is responsible for the bloodiest century of human history (so far), the 20th century. It's no coincidence that the Fed was birthed in 1913 and WW1 began within a few years after- which directly precipitated WW2 and humanity's violent post war history. A return to sound money is the answer, and honorable before the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

Sitting still, enjoying the calm. In doing so life comes to you.


Phạm Văn Minh
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"Nếu không tự mình bước tới bờ hương chín. Thì cõi mật không tụ về trong trái." BG SÁCH THẤY TRÊN MẠNG Đường về nô lệ (Hayek) https://goo.gl/8BJ4CF Chính trị bình dân - (Đoan Trang) Tái bản 1: https://goo.gl/M2yBDZ Bản mới: https://goo.gl/igo8aA Chết dưới tay Trung Quốc (Navarro) https://goo.gl/sRFsMF Phơi bày bản chất của nhà nước (Rothbard) https://goo.gl/6ppRt3 Quyền lực của kẻ không quyền lực (Havel) https://goo.gl/dRr38i _______________ HỒI KÝ NGUYỄN TRUNG (bản chính thức) TÔI LÀM “CHÍNH TRỊ” Những kỉ niệm và trăn trở https://goo.gl/hcWqfQ _______________ HỘI THẢO "VIỆT NAM VÀ TRẬT TỰ THẾ GIỚI MỚI", Warsaw Poland Trật tự? Trật tự gì? (Cao Huy Thuần) https://goo.gl/vXoGgw Việt Nam: Những biểu hiện trong chính sách kinh tế sai lầm dựa vào nước ngoài để phát triển (Vũ Quang Việt) https://goo.gl/XvBZs8 Sự hình thành của xã hội dân sự trong truyền thông mạng ở Việt Nam (trải nghiệm và cảm nhận cá nhân) (Hoàng Hưng) https://goo.gl/Au57cW Việt Nam với tương tác và ‘đuổi bắt’ trong chính sách an ninh, quốc phòng ở khu vực (Ngô Quốc Phương) https://goo.gl/niv3P1

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Jun 2018
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