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The Independent Journalism of Thomas McFarlan Thought Justice is focused on the pervasive 21st century assault on the freedom of thought. This reality has manifested most acutely in the covert organized-stalking of innocent people who have become known as "targeted-individuals". These covert war crimes exploded in scale and scope after the events of September 11th, and are now being perpetrated against millions of people in the U.S., and millions more worldwide. I myself am subject to these covert crimes. It boggles the mind that this issue isn't a front and center topic, at least in the alternative press... It's an extraordinarily serious epidemic being perpetrated against millions of people, and intimately interrelated with most other activism topics, as well as, used as a tool of mass population trauma based mind control against the entire population at large. The focus of this channel, will be on documenting and exposing these organized-stalking crimes, broader underlying deep-state crimes, as well as, empowering individuals with a spiritual understanding, through the realization of the power of thought. You can support my journalism via PayPal here: or support me here on Minds with an Ethereum Crypto-Currency donation.
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To expose the corruption on September 11, 2001. It is worse than you can imagine.
Welcome to The Ape Talks This podcast is about an ape called Mr. Ape who sits with himself for an hour a day to talk to himself about his feelings on things and he also does recall funny childhood memories. The ape gives himself a lot of helpful advice that any other ape can apply to their lives. Mr. Ape also doesn't take himself too seriously and has a general relaxed tone and atmosphere. Mr. Ape hopes to one day start obtaining guests to practice his art of talking and listening with but for now he will just have to keep practicing with himself. Mr. Ape Signing off
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that
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Stand For Freedom Now is an informal non-profit education and activism organization, run by seven deeply informed individuals in Southern California who make up the group’s planning committee. The core members of the planning committee who primarily facilitate the organization’s operations are: Alcyone Komoto, Dr. Armaiti May, Paulette N. and Thomas McFarlan. We believe that all people, because they are human, have “certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” (Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence). We are dedicated to preserving and promoting our natural right of liberty—of freedom—and exposing and opposing all irrational, unethical and immoral infringements and confiscations of our freedom.
Stop Remote Influencing Technologies and Organized Stalking. #targetedindividuals
Emma Cairo is a Scandinavian artist who ended up in California in the pursuit of sunshine & a career in music. Singing songs with no regard for current trends and sounds, blending her melodic melodies with inspiration from the 70’s - the 90’s, different popular genres and world regions. The glue is Emma Cairo’s diverse voice and humor, solid production, as well as the seasoned band’s incredible playing. The infectiously catchy "L.A." is a song that stays just on the right side of clichéd, and it has a hook that worms it's way into your mind without you noticing, and then it stays forever, leaving behind a curiosity to experience the sunshine city for yourself. The album "In East & West" is playful melodic pop/rock with a slight twist of Nordic Noir (Nordic folk). The album was released March 2017 and features the popular theme song for the crypto youtuber "In It for the Money' and was highly praised by L.A. Music Critic.
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