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Californians Report Organized-Stalking in Droves, to Local TV News Outlets & Beyond

Thought JusticeMay 31, 2019, 8:35:18 PM

As a groundbreaking bill proposal that explicitly outlaws organized torture, via organized stalking and electromagnetic weapons, is under review by legislators in California, the numerous reports of organized stalking and electromagnetic weapon attacks, given by droves of Californians, are a stark reminder of how desperately overdue this legislation is… Are legislators and other leaders in California going to continue to ignore these reports, that even mainstream journalists found so credible they couldn’t ignore them?

By: Thomas F. McFarlan

Originally published on Medium.com, in December of 2018

Featured photography by Chris Nguyen, CC0 licence, used with permission.

Since the late 1990s, numerous California based major TV news outlets have reported on, the now wildly out-of-control organized stalking epidemic in California. These accounts, that have been broadcast to millions of viewers, both via traditional cable news and online broadcasting platforms, have somehow been largely ignored, by both law enforcement and legislators in California. Currently, a woman by the name of Dr. Tomo Shibata, who has been targeted with organized stalking and electromagnetic weapons in California, is presenting a bill proposal to California legislators, that explicitly outlaws organized stalking and electromagnetic weapon campaigns, that is titled, “The Organized Torture Act”. As these legislators continue to review Dr. Shibata’s bill proposal, these numerous and revealing TV reports, serve as a omen of things to come for the entire population, if nothing significant is done to end these crimes in the next few years…

This article includes numerous major TV network news segments, that acknowledge the reality of the organized stalking phenomenon in California, and with absolute certainty, the legitimacy of the reportage given by the Californian victims they feature. The Journalists and major network news station teams, who have courageously brought these crimes against humanity to light include: Journalist David Bienick at KCRA 3 News Sacramento, CA; Journalist Brian Shlonsky at ABC 10 News San Diego, CA; Journalist Candice Nguyen at KION Central (West) Coast News, CA; Journalist/Actor William Shatner at The History Channel; Journalists Linsey Davis and Ronan Farrow at ABC News; Journalists Megyn Kelly, Kate Snow, and Cynthia McFadden at NBC News; Journalist Andrea Canning at ABC News; Journalist Sean Stone at RT News America; Ultrascience Journalists at The Learning Channel; Journalist Ross Blackstone at KOVR 13 News Sacramento, CA; Journalist Angela Monroe at KMIR News 6 Coachella, CA; and Journalists Margaret J. Howell and Madison Mary Walls at The Lip TV.

For those who are unfamiliar with what organized stalking is, or only have a vague idea of what it is, below I’ve included my comprehensive definition of organized stalking, from my deep-dive article on the phenomenon here on Medium.

Organized stalking is a horrific and extraordinarily illicit phenomenon that is most commonly known as gang stalking, but the term organized stalking provides the most accurate designation. Organized stalking amounts to a covert, extraordinarily intense and highly organized stalking crime, a vastly multi-layered illicit business plan, and a covert tool to psychologically condition the public at large into self-subjugation, to the holistic globalist criminal cartel that has garnered significant power over all the nations of the world. For the sake of understanding the overarching nature of organized stalking, it is important to sum up this kind of stalking as simply a business model — as money and opportunistic power-plays, on every layer of its vastly multilayered and compartmentalized operation — are the overarching points of leverage that make the internal mechanism of organized stalking tick. Most types of stalking crimes are perpetrated solely against a single individual in a largely crude manner, by a lone estranged business associate, spouse, colleague, friend, or secretive voyeur — that was motivated simply by the desire to fulfill feelings of revenge, straightforward monetary gain, to manipulate a single relationship, to gain a simple advantage in a competitive marketplace, or to fulfill a voyeuristic drive. Organized stalking by contrast, is omnipresent, highly organized, precisely customized to the specific victim, extraordinarily intense, and usually involves physical attacks on the victim’s body via classified military electromagnetic weapons. Additionally, a full spectrum of classified military high-technology tools are utilized, and the stalking campaign is perpetrated by large teams of individuals who work in the security services industry, or who culturally associate with these people. This overwhelming, omnipresent, and utterly surreal type of stalking is designed to completely decimate the victim’s life and psyche, as well as, extract multiple streams of profit from the victim directly, and as a human experimentation trafficking subject. Moreover, the family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and business partners of the primary victim, ultimately all end up being turned into victims themselves and used as sources of profit. This is done via the creation of “control files”, that are written up about them under the fraudulent pretense of “association with a criminal”… Then this “control file” is used as leverage to more subtly subjugate them, or turn them into full-fledged targeted individuals themselves, at some point in the future. Finally, through the public spectacle that these campaigns create, and the underlying fascist social-political momentum that is generated, organized stalking campaigns covertly psychologically condition the public at large, in a way that insidiously divorces them from their fundamental human rights, and the rule of law and constitution. This creates fertile ground to globally perpetuate and expand, the holistic globalist criminal cartel’s business model, and entrap more individuals into organized stalking programs. So organized stalking is an all-together completely different, and infinitely more destructive phenomenon than what is normally thought of as stalking.

This kind of extreme state sponsored stalking is initiated by globalist secret societies, and the government intelligence agencies that they by-in-large control, then fully deployed via an array of related security service organizations, entities and individuals including: local police, security contractors, networked law enforcement intelligence units (LEIUs), homeland security surveillance fusion centers, related secret societies, corporate entities who have relationships with the security service complex, neighborhood watch groups, and swarming hordes of ridiculously tragic, and skill-less individuals, that could best be mostly directly described as weaponized morons. These swarming hordes of roaming morons, who culturally associate with these entities, have had all objective discernment conditioned out of their minds, and have been conditioned into, a very strict obedience to a virtually robotic fascist cultural mindset. Through their cultural indoctrination to this fascist authoritarian hierarchy, these tragic people have been robbed of their own unique organic individuality, and turned into a completely covert and massive expanded on the ground network of fascist informants and stalkers, seamlessly embedded within society, to undermine highly skilled and productive citizens of high integrity, civil society, and the rule of law and constitution. These swarms of weaponized morons don’t exclusively belong to lower socio-economic communities or professions, they have thoroughly infiltrated all the fundamental high-status positions in society, that shape the mainstream worldview. In other words, when I use the word moron here, it doesn’t exclusively refer to individuals without education or analytical intelligence — many of them are highly educated and have a high degree of analytical intelligence. But because of their fascist authoritarian cultural indoctrination, all their analytical intelligence has effectively been turned into nothing more than learned stupidity. These crimes are carried out under the pretense of “the war on terror”, “the war on drugs”, or otherwise to root out criminals from society, but this is in fact a monstrous lie, to manufacture consent to commit unimaginably extreme crimes, against completely innocent people. The real reason these crimes are carried out, is because they are a fundamental part of a fascist globalist secret society business model, to engage in the ultimate asset stripping of all the nations of the world, through forcing a kind-of mental retardation, or mind control, on these nations’ populations, via the extermination of individuals of the highest integrity and intelligence from society, and terrorizing the rest of the population into acceptance of a fraudulent and weaponized worldview — that is designed to subjugate them, and then eventually kill them prematurely, at some point in the future. These crimes are carried out under intelligence agency initiatives, with seemingly legitimate stated names and intentions, but are in actuality, part of classified, covert, “black-op” intelligence agency programs. Simultaneously, these covert programs are equally, human experimentation, exotic electromagnetic weapons testing, as well as, exotic weapons training programs, to advance the implementation of, a fraudulent constructed reality, and weaponized globalist worldview, on the population at large.

The organized stalking of an individual, involves a customized and highly organized array of these kind of tactics: blacklisting, surveillance, slander, harassment, street theatre disconcertment skits, subversion of relationships, black-bag home break-ins, sleep deprivation, workplace mobbing, intellectual property theft, subversion of medical care, financial/asset sabotage, computer/phone sabotage, mail delivery sabotage, staged traumatic events or encounters, criminal framing, staged accidents, the triggering of fraudulent systemic chain reactions; and often also includes, covert physical drugging or poisoning, and physical attacks via electromagnetic weapons. Sometimes, classical crimes will also be committed against a victim who is particularly resistant to the stalking, including abduction, all manner of overt human-trafficking, and murder.

The Numerous Major TV Network Reports of Organized Stalking in California From 1998–2018

KCRA 3 News Sacramento, CA
“Allegations of Harassment in Stockton”
August 10, 2011

The KCRA TV moderators open this TV news segment by stating that:

“Allegations of harassment among Stockton city officials — at the center of this fight, the City Manager and the police union. The manager says the harassment is coming from his own police officers.”

Mayor of Stockton California, Ann Johnston, is interviewed about her claims that the City Manager of Stockton California, Bob Deis, has become the victim of an organized stalking campaign. The City of Stockton California is so certain that Mr Deis is being victimized by an organized stalking campaign, that they filed a formal legal harassment complaint against the police union claiming City Manager Bob Deis is a victim of a “pattern of abuse”.

David Bienick, “Allegations of Harassment in Stockton”, KCRA 3 News Sacramento CA, August 10, 2011, https://youtu.be/s34NK84MRAk

ABC 10 News San Diego, CA
“San Diego Mom Thinks She’s the Victim of Community Stalking”
October 13, 2016

San Diego California resident, mother, and successful internal medicine professional, Dr. Facika Tafara MD, is interviewed about her reportage, that describes how she and her young child are being targeted with an organized stalking campaign. Journalist Brian Shlonsky, who covered this story, states with certainty that:

“Community or gang stalking is an eerie practice that takes aim at your psyche to make you almost feel like you’re going crazy.”

Miss Tafara said in this interview that the police detective who responded to her complaint told her:

“If it happens again call us but there is not much we can do…”

Journalist Brian Shlonsky described the police detective’s response to Miss Tafara’s reportage as:

“Something that makes this even more terrifying…”

Brian Shlonsky, “San Diego Mom Thinks She’s the Victim of Community Stalking”, ABC 10 News San Diego CA, October 13, 2016, https://youtu.be/U0mjwAPtcRY

KION Central (West) Coast News, CA
“Gang Stalking, Bullying on Steroids”
January 29, 2011

The KION TV moderator opens this TV news segment by stating that the police have told KION that the phenomenon they are reporting on is like “bullying on steroids”, implicit in this statement by KION, is the police department’s admission that these surreal stalking crimes are a real criminal phenomenon.

Salinas California resident, and victim of an organized stalking campaign, Lawrence Guzzino, is interviewed about what it is like to be subjected to these kind of surreal crimes. KION journalist Candice Nguyen describes, with certainty, the basic reality of organized stalking this way:

“The victims could be driving their car, talking on their phone, or walking when a group of people try to systematically terrorize them.”

This news report included an interview with Santa Cruz California Police Lieutenant Larry Richard, who explicitly admits organized stalking is a real phenomenon that has been occurring for a long time, in this statement:

“The police are becoming more aware of gang stalking because of cyber bullying. Gang stalking is nothing new, but new technology is making it more common. Gang stalkers themselves have elevated themselves to technology so this is something that’s been going on before Facebook or Twitter. They just now have gone into those areas.”

Candice Nguyen, “Gang Stalking, Bullying on Steroids”, KION News Salinas CA, January 29, 2011, No original source link is available at this time

The History Channel
“Weird or What”
2012–2013 Season

Renowned actor William Shatner, is the program host for The History Channel show “Weird or What”. In this episode that aired in the 2012–2013 season of the show, Mr. Shatner recounts the organized stalking circumstances of longtime California resident and Lawyer Cheryl Welsh, amid interview clips of Miss Welsh’s own account. Mr. Shatner clearly finds Miss Welsh’s experience very credible.

Mr. Shatner then brings on the show, one of the world’s leading experts on organized stalking and electromagnetic weapons, Dr. Nick Begich, to give his expert opinion of the claims of Miss Welsh, and other victims of organized stalking. Dr. Begich makes this statement as to the validity of these claims:

“I think there is some good evidence that Cheryl Welsh and many of the other people I’ve spoken with, have been victimized by these electromagnetic mind control experiments. The weapons of this century aren’t bombs and bullets and ordnance, but electromagnetic energy targeting the human being, which is the greatest revolution in military affairs since gunpowder.”

William Shatner, “Weird or What?”, The History Channel, 2012–2013 Season, No Original Source Link Available at this Time

ABC News
“Nightline: Army of Spies”
November 8, 2017

Celebrity Journalist Ronan Farrow, speaks with ABC News with absolute confidence and certainty, representing organized stalking as real criminal phenomenon — in his own words:

“What this story pulls back the curtain on, is a set of tools that I truly did not know were available to the most powerful men in this country.”

Mr. Farrow then lays out in detail, the incontrovertible evidence he has unearthed, that proves how Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, systematically directs organized stalking campaigns against acclaimed Actors and Journalists. Mr. Farrow himself described how he became subject to organized stalking, at the hands of Mr. Weinstein, for a short while because he pursued researching and writing this story…

One of the most shocking aspects of Mr. Farrow’s research into organized stalking campaigns directed by Harvey Weinstein, is his discovery of a company called “Black Cube”, that specializes in fully managing and executing organized stalking campaigns at the direction of its clients, Harvey Weinstein being just one of them. Mr. Farrow describes Black Cube this way:

“An elite Israeli private intelligence agency, staffed by former Mossad members. These are highly trained operatives, who excel in using false identities, who construct front companies to cover for their false identities.”

Black Cube” openly offer their organized stalking services online, veiled with convoluted business and legal concepts and jargon. They were founded and are run by, former Israeli Mossad Intelligence Agents, and others who held positions in the Israeli military and police.

Linsey Davis, “Nightline: Army of Spies”, ABC News, November 8, 2017, https://youtu.be/hg6Rf8b20MI

NBC News
“Today: Harvey Weinstein Hired An ‘Army Of Spies’ To Silence His Alleged Accusers”
November 7, 2017

Journalist Megyn Kelly speaks about the incontrovertible evidence, that Ronan Farrow unearthed, proving without a doubt that Harvey Weinstein directs organized stalking campaigns, against acclaimed Actors and Journalists, in Los Angeles California and beyond. Miss Kelly focuses mostly on the organized stalking campaign, that acclaimed Hollywood California actress Rose McGowan has suffered through, at the hands of Mr. Weinstein. Miss Kelly specifically emphasizes the tragic reality that for years and years on end, Miss McGowan had to endure ridicule and accusations of being mentally ill, when she reported being subject to organized stalking to others… Miss Kelly specifically makes this statement to those who felt Rose McGowan’s claims were the result of a mental illness:

“To those that felt she was off the deep end, to those that dismissed her as an hysteric, guess what, it seems Rose was right all along…”

Megyn Kelly, Kate Snow and Cynthia McFadden, “Today: Harvey Weinstein Hired An ‘Army Of Spies’ To Silence His Alleged Accusers”, NBC News, November 7, 2017, https://youtu.be/TQvEqWHgr2Q

ABC News
“Randy and Evi Quaid Flee to Canada”
November 1, 2010

Academy Award nominated Hollywood Actor Randy Quaid, and his wife Evi Quaid, describe how they have been subjected to an intense organized stalking campaign since 2007, that began to be rolled-out against them in subtle ways all the way back in the early 1990s. The couple speak with absolute certainty that organized stalking is a real phenomenon, and describe how many of their Hollywood friends in California, have also been targeted with organized stalking. Randy makes this statement, about the origin of the organized stalking campaign leveled against him:

“Well it’s really been from the past three years, starting, well um… actually twenty years (laughs out loud), but really intensely in the last three years, when I did a musical and had some problems with the producer, and the smear campaign he orchestrated against me and my performance in this musical.”

Randy makes this statement, among many others, describing just a few of the tactics used by those deployed to engage in an organized stalking against him:

“When I have people representing me, they get calls in the middle of the night saying, “is Randy there?” — and these are people I’m doing business with. They follow us… They tail us… They tag our cell phone… They hack our computer, we can’t send email… We make a call, and right in the middle of the call, the whole system will shut down… The infrastructure of our life has been so decimated, I mean its been right down to the ground ok… We can not function ok… I can not get a credit card… I can not go to a hotel… I can not rent a house… I can not buy a house… Last night we tried for 3 hours to get a hotel room in this town, and nobody would take us in.”

Andrea Canning, “Randy and Evi Quaid Flee to Canada” Part 1 of 4, ABC News, November 1, 2010, https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Entertainment/video/quaids-extended-interview-part-12029564

RT News America
“Watching the Hawks”
March 2018

Stephen Shellen, a former longtime California resident, and well known Hollywood actor from the films, “A River Runs Through It”, “The Bodyguard”, and “American Gothic”, among dozens of others, gives a brief account of being subjected to organized stalking in Hollywood, for the “Watching the Hawks” show on RT News America. Like Randy Quaid’s story of organized stalking, Mr. Shellen had to flee California for Canada, to escape the most brutal aspects of the organized stalking directed at him. Mr. Shellen makes this statement, among others, about the origin of his stalking circumstance to RT News Journalist Sean Stone:

“I was starting my own production company and it was stolen from me, and my children were threatened and kidnapped, I ended up basically loosing everything, including a nice house under the Hollywood sign, and a farm up here in Canada, and I was on the run being tracked and followed."

In 2018, Stephen Shellen released a breathtaking film of autobiographical-fiction, about organized stalking called "The Spark". I've written an in-depth article on it here on Minds.

Sean Stone, "Watching the Hawks: Hollywood, D.C." Part 1, RT News America, March 2, 2018, https://youtu.be/JRHYAffaFXM

The Learning Channel
"Ultrascience: Spies Are Us"
Fall Season 1998

In this episode of The Learning Channel's 1990s series Ultrascience, Davis California resident, Lawyer, and victim of organized-stalking, Cheryl Welsh, describes how she and other victims of organized-stalking, are attacked with electromagnetic weapons. She also provides hard proof of the existence of these surreal weapons to the Learning Channel's show producers, by referencing a 1990 International Red Cross article, warning the world that these weapons exist and are being tested, in this statement:

"I'm networking on the internet, and this is a world wide international problem, the International Red Cross has a 1990 article which discusses the fact that many major superpowers - many industrialized countries, are researching electromagnetic technologies for anti personnel uses, and the technology is highly classified. Many of the victims that I network with, describe hearing voices and microwave illness, where they have headaches, general sleep disturbances, sun burns even though its at night, just microwave affects."

Neurobiologist Dr. Mark George and Professor James Lin - who the Learning Channel moderator describes as: "A Chicago based world authority on microwave hearing" - are interviewed by the producers of the show, as to the plausibility of the existence of electromagnetic weapons and their capabilities; Dr. George communicates that these technologies exist and it is already possible, with 1990s technology, to influence an individual's emotional state with magnetic electronic devices. When the Learning Channel program moderator poses the question: "Could magnetic brain therapies, and brain mapping, be used to control people by tampering with their emotions or memory?" Dr. George makes this statement:

"It would be possible to not only read the emotional states but perhaps to induce the emotional states by turning on or off certain regions."

Dr. George also communicates that in the wrong hands this technology could be used for evil objectives, and it is up to society to see to it that it is used for the good of society. Dr. George makes this statement, to that effect:

"Its a powerful new tool, just like nuclear reactions can be either used to harness energy or misused for atomic bombs. And with the ability to go in and push and pull brain regions, you can use that in therapy, which is what we're doing here, or potentially use it for misencoding of information, or other things like that… So just like any tool that our society has, it's really up to us as a society to make sure that it's used properly."

The Learning Channel program moderator comes to the conclusion, after researching the issue and hearing Dr. George's response, that in practical terms, those that have access to this technology would likely use it for evil purposes, in this statement:

"The ultimate spy however, is unlikely to be bound by the same code of ethics as scientists… They'll use whatever tools they can…"

Moreover, Professor Lin — who the Learning Channel moderator describes as: “A Chicago based world authority on microwave hearing” — states that it is possible to encode specific sounds in microwaves, from a magnetic electronic device, that could be interpreted by an individual’s brain as a natural phenomenon produced by their own mind organically. Again, keep in mind this interview was conducted in 1998, so he’s talking about very old technology, relative to our current era… The capabilities of these surreal technologies, have dramatically expanded in the last 20+ years. When the Learning Channel program moderator makes this statement, and poses the question: “Microwaves and other radio-frequencies are known to affect the human body, but could they be responsible for putting voices in peoples’ heads?” Professor Lin actually demonstrates how it could be done, and sums up his demonstration in this statement:

“The brain is an electrical organ it is susceptible to electrical signals, since microwave is electrical, therefore in principle, one could embed or encode information in the microwave signal, so that it could be perceived by the brain.”

The Learning Channel program moderator, goes on to connect-the-dots on the research he presents in the show, and these scientific experts’ findings. The Learning Channel producers clearly implicitly communicate, via their moderator, that they’ve found the testimony of organized stalking victim Cheryl Welsh absolutely credible, to the extent that they state unequivocally that at a minimum, influencing the thoughts of an individual at a distance remotely is a late 1990s technological reality, and that even more extreme forms of electromagnetic control over peoples’ thinking and emotions maybe possible. Furthermore, the Learning Channel producers state unequivocally through their moderator, that governments proactively deploy information propaganda against their own citizens, and that electromagnetic weapons are now used to seek to gain more direct control over their citizens, in this statement:

“It maybe sometime before we could control someone’s thoughts, but we could influence them, perhaps even send secret instructions at a distance. Instead of breaking into a secure instillation, the ultimate spy could control someone on the inside and have their dirty work done for them. But why stop with individuals? If the ultimate goal of the ultimate spy is ultimate power, could whole populations be controlled? The answer is frightening… Today governments take pains to present information precisely to control the mood and moral of civilian populations. But they’ve also been seeking more direct means…”

Former U.S. Intelligence Officer Steve Bratcher, is also interviewed by the Learning Channel, to offer further proof of the Learning Channel’s conclusions. Mr. Bratcher communicates that governments, currently and historically, proactively seek to use electromagnetic weapons to force their will on select individuals, select communities, and indeed, the entire population at times, in this statement:

“The history of mind control hasn’t been kept too well a secret. MkUltra which was exposed — it was front page news in the New York Times. For example, the CIA was exposed with mind control experimentation in the Allan Institute in Canada. They would want to do that to manipulate people, for example, politics, behavior, getting their way so-to-speak, getting people to think a certain way, act, believe, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a large populous, just a strategic location of populous to manipulate the others to create the belief…”

Beyond Productions, “Ultrascience: Spies Are Us”, The Learning Channel, Fall Season 1998, No original source link is available at this time

KOVR 13 News Sacramento, CA
“Do You Believe in Government Mind Control?”
November 17, 2000

KOVR 13 News Sacramento, interviews Davis California resident, Lawyer, and victim of organized-stalking, Cheryl Welsh, who describes how she and other victims of organized-stalking, are harmed by organized stalking and electromagnetic weapons. Miss Welsh also describes how she has organized a non-profit organization, to network and help other victims of these surreal crimes, and how she has been inundated with responses from other victims in California and across the world. Cheryl presents documentation providing hard proof of the existence of electromagnetic weapons, to Journalist Ross Blackstone, and makes this statement:

“I’ve got the documents from NASA, the Federal Times from back in the 70s, the DIA talking about how they were going to use this microwave hearing to drive political targets crazy.”

After Journalist Ross Blackstone reviewed the document evidence that Cheryl presents, he makes this statement affirming Cheryl’s research:

“She’s gathered documents from the United Nations that suggest banning electromagnetic weapons because of their biological affects on people.”

Later in this KOVR 13 News segment, Journalist Ross Blackstone interviews one of the world’s leading experts on electromagnetic weapons and organized stalking, Dr. Nick Begich. After listening to Dr. Begich give a basic explanation of how it’s possible that electromagnetic energy can effect the human brain and body, Mr. Blackstone agrees to subject himself to a very simple electromagnetic devise that projects sound via electromagnetic energy, directly to the human brain. After being subjected to this devise, Mr. Blackstone confirms that he heard the sound projected by this electromagnetic instrument. Mr. Blackstone makes a statement that acknowledges the reality that at the very least, there have been a half million people subjected to covert human experimentation in the past by U.S. authorities (in reference to the MkUltra experiments and others)… He then asks the question, could it happen again? Dr. Begich responds with this statement:

“We’re in the beginning of a new millennium, and believe me, the stuff that’s happened in the past (in reference to covert human experimentation) is happening again…”

Ross Blackstone, “Do You Believe in Government Mind Control?”, KOVR 13 News, Sacramento, CA, November 2000, No original source link is available at this time

KMIR News 6 Coachella, CA
“Electronic Harassment: Voices in My Mind”
November 12, 2012

A large group of victims of organized stalking and electromagnetic weapons in Coachella California, have organized their efforts to stop these crimes, and a few of them are interviewed in this TV news segment by Journalist Angela Monroe of KMIR News. Coachella California residents Randall Ringger, Kevin Bond, and Bob Stansfield, all describe being subjected to what Cheryl Welsh, and many other activists have proved is in existence and operation, the “voice-to-skull” electromagnetic weapon. These three victims describe their experience being subjected to organized stalking, with absolute certainty and lucidity, in these and many additional statements:

“I was living in the San Diego area clerking for a Federal Judge, and I noticed I was being followed by a whole bunch of people. Then I started hearing voices — what they call “voice-to-skull” or “microwave hearing.” -Kevin Bond

“They were active in following me around here and I started hearing the voices a little bit after the vehicular stalking.”-Bob Stansfield

“The first thing that was said was “Randall Ringger” and I sat up straight. The only time I had a whole sentence he said “this is not about you.” -Randall Ringger

Angela Monroe, “Electronic Harassment: Voices in My Mind”, KMIR News 6 Coachella CA, November 12, 2012, https://youtu.be/JmE4oTXYmf4

The Lip TV
“City Council Votes to Ban Chemtrail Mind Control”
May 23, 2015

The Lip TV reports on how the Richmond California City Council voted to enact a city law, that bans the use of mind control weapons on its residents, after droves of Richmond California residents filed complaints of electromagnetic weapon attacks.

Journalist Margaret Howell of The Lip TV, makes this keynote statement about the unusual findings, and legal resolution, that the Richmond city council came to a consensus around:

“One northern California city is taking a stand against mind control weapons that are used against its residences, with a city ordinance banning them. The Richmond city council has officially banned space based weapons, in its own city limits — this is after the council received complaints.”

Margaret J. Howell and Madison Mary Walls, “City Council Votes to Ban Chemtrail Mind Control”, The Lip TV, May 23, 2015, https://youtu.be/te-v_fQPBHU

I guess those who like to slander individuals who are subjected to organized stalking and electromagnetic weapons as delusional, will somehow claim that the majority of the city council of Richmond California, somehow contracted a delusional disorder at the very moment that they began to review the incontrovertible evidence, that these exotic weapons exist, and are in use on innocent citizens — but no one is buying that argument anymore… Below is a quote from Richmond Councilwoman Jovanka Beckles on the issue, and the full video feed from the Richmond California city council hearing on the matter, which this city council easily passed in a 5 to 2 vote.

“It is imperative that Richmond adopt this resolution in effort to stand in solidarity with residents who claim to be under assault from space-based weapons that should be outlawed by the Space Preservation Act.”

City of Richmond City Council, City Council Broadcast, City of Richmond California, Spring 2015, No original source link is available at this time 

For a look at how the organized stalking phenomenon relates to the greater surveillance state, that all people of the world are subjected to, as well as, the attempted omnipresent deployment of the 5G wireless network, the "internet of things", wireless brain-to-computer interfaces and transhumanism, please read my Minds blog article on the 2019 global targeted individual springtime demonstrations, that delves into these interrelated issues.

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