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Targeted Individuals Plan Worldwide Protests in 21 Global Locations for “TI-Day” 2019

Thought JusticeAug 14, 2019, 11:29:01 PM

From France to Japan, the United States to Russia, New Zealand to the United Kingdom, India to Thailand and beyond, 21 confirmed locations all around the world, have registered to host demonstrations to expose the underlying reality, of the global secret society and intelligence agency surveillance state. An underlying reality that hits right at the heart of the official September 11th lie, that was the pretext to suffocate all American and world citizens, in an unprecedented surveillance dragnet in the 21st century, while targeting select innocent individuals for unimaginably extreme surveillance abuse, organized stalking and electromagnetic mind control weapon war crimes…

Featured images by unnamed activists, used here under a fair use CC0 license.

An image from the 2019 Springtime TI Rally, from Japan.

The agreed upon date for “Targeted Individual Day”, August 29th 2019, falls on a most appropriate time of the year, just about two weeks prior to September 11th. This is the case of course because it was the fraudulent official narrative of that dark day, that was used to deceive Americans and all people of the world, into allowing the 21st century illicit surveillance dragnet to be put in place, which caused organized stalking crimes, that select innocent individuals suffer through, to utterly explode in scale in the 21st century, all around the world.

The now wildly out-of-control global epidemic of organized stalking, is very explicitly illustrated by the vastly diverse locations that have registered to host demonstrations for “Targeted Individual Day” 2019. They include: Bangkok, Thailand; Casablanca, Morocco; Chicago, USA; Hamilton, New Zealand; Kolkata, India; Lexington, USA; London, UK; Moscow, Russia; New York City, USA; Orlando, USA; Paris, France; Philadelphia, USA; Phoenix, USA; Portland, USA; Pueblo, USA; Rome, Italy; Sacramento, USA; Saint Paul, USA; Spartanburg, USA; Tokyo, Japan; and Venice, USA. Those activists or members of the media, who wish to attend the event, should visit the demonstration website for the contact information of the organizers of the location they wish to attend.

An image from the 2019 Springtime TI Rally, from Pennsylvania.

For individuals subjected to organized stalking crimes, TI-Day 2019 is an unique opportunity to work in concert with other victims around the world, to alert the public and honest lawmakers about these crimes, in a global demonstration that clearly shows these crimes are in fact occurring on an international scale. Although this demonstration of a global “concurrence of claim”, of organized stalking crimes, will of course be slandered by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be that operate these stalking campaigns, a demonstration of a “concurrence of claim” does have actual legal weight, no matter how much slander is thrown at the blatant reality of the evidence at hand. The claims from bad actors within the media, human rights organizations, transnational organizations, and governments, that the people who report these crimes are delusional, fall flat on their face, when one simply reviews the hard evidence that proves these crimes are now occurring to millions of innocent people all around the world — evidence that includes very articulate accounts of these crimes from highly educated and professionally accomplished victims… Victims like Dr. Kauni Kilde: Surgeon General of the nation of Finland, Medical Doctor, and best selling Author; Cheryl Welsh: Lawyer, groundbreaking Activist, and Researcher; Ted Gunderson: Chief of the Los Angeles FBI office, 25+ year veteran of the FBI, and groundbreaking independent Researcher; Ramola D: Award winning Author, George Washington University Professor, and groundbreaking Journalist; Randy Quaid: Legendary Academy Award nominated Actor; Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom: California State University Stanislaus University Professor for 30 years, and groundbreaking Researcher; Geral W. Sosbee: Lawyer, FBI Agent, and Activist; Gloria Naylor: Legendary award winning and best-selling Author; Stephen Shellen: Hollywood Actor, Artist and independent Filmmaker.

An image from the 2018 TI-Day Rally, from California.

In addition to these rallies that expose organized stalking as a global phenomenon, one of the more important pieces of hard evidence that proves millions of people are being subjected to organized stalking, is an official 2009 U.S. Department of Justice document release on stalking crimes in America, that explicitly denotes that 13.1% of the 3,398,630 U.S. citizens that reported stalking crimes to the U.S. Department of Justice “Stalking Victimization Survey”, in the year 2006 alone, reported that they were stalked by a group of 3 or more people. So that amounts to well over 441,800 people who reported being subject to organized stalking, to the DOJ survey alone — in other words, this report doesn’t include all reportage of organized stalking crimes to the police, FBI, and related authorities in 2006, only those victims that happened to hear about, and report to, the U.S. Department of Justice “Stalking Victimization Survey”, in the year 2006… This official document adds irrefutable credence, to the scale of the organized stalking epidemic, and further proves a massive and widespread “concurrence of claim” in the United States. If you would like to view/download the actual document, you can view/download it at this link (the key disclosure is highlighted on page 12).

Click the above link text, to download this document.

The notion put forth by bad actors in the media, government, and otherwise, that all of a sudden following the 9/11 attacks, millions of articulate, highly educated, and professionally accomplished people, with no history of any kind of delusional disorder, suddenly came down with an extreme, and unprecedented, delusional disorder out of nowhere, in the middle of their life, is utterly ridiculous…

An image from the 2019 Springtime TI Rally, from California.

Given the reality that activists who demonstrate to end organized stalking crimes, are chronically slandered as delusional, it’s essential that all who participate in the rally do so in a 100% peaceful and legal manner, with the most well crafted signage and flyers possible, and articulate demonstration language, as well as, one-on-one public outreach discourse.

An image from the 2019 Springtime TI Rally, from California.

Concurrent to the global demonstration, will be mass-market media billboards and subway car wrap ads in cities in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., as pictured below, that have been exposing the reality of organized stalking crimes, on a massive scale, since the first global targeted individual demonstration in August of 2018.

To get all the details on attending one of the official TI-Day demonstration locations, visit the official website for the demonstration at this link. If you are a more independent minded activist, or don’t live close to any of the official TI-Day 2019 locations, many individuals will be spanning out on their own in their local regions, to hand out flyers in concurrent independent action with these global demonstrations. The flyer below is designed to reference the global targeted individual awareness demonstrations, and focus in on the Ed Snowden disclosures that prove that everyone is living under surveillance abuse, and can be eventually subject to the extreme version of these surveillance and stalking crimes irregardless of income, social status, level of education, or public notoriety. This approach is designed to grab the attention of “Joe Average” in the general public, and communicates the reality that everyone is already targeted in a way that is completely covert, and at any moment, can be turned into a full fledged targeted individual, thus subjected to the most extreme version of surveillance and stalking crimes. If you’re looking for an effective flyer design to hand out on your own, or at an official TI-Day demonstration, this flyer is available to be downloaded in super high resolution, to be printed on a standard 8.5 x 11 page on a regular black a white printer. Click here to download.

Click the above link text, to download this flyer to print.

An image from the 2019 Springtime TI Rally, from Japan, handing out flyers to passers by.

An image from the 2019 Springtime TI Rally, from Spain.

Activists who seek to expose organized stalking crimes, should also make a point to be aware of the broader interrelated subjugation tactics that all citizen are targeted with, and subjugated by, and how these tactics also simultaneously, help to lock the organized stalking program in place. Below I suggest 5 broad-based lifestyle actions, that all activists can take, to address some of these wider interrelated issues:

1: Limit, or completely cease, your consumption of official mainstream culture, and spend more time in nature with the specific intention of, sensing an inner felt recognition of unity with nature and humanity. Confirm within your own consciousness, that this felt recognition of unity represents the real you, and the impulse that it imbues within you, represents the most prudent course forward in your life.

2: Make a point to regularly withdraw cash from your bank account, to use on purchases you would normally make with your atm/credit card. We need to shut down the deep-state’s plan to make cash based transactions extinct, so everyone will have to use surveillance driven, electronic monetary transactions, via atm/credit cards or smart devices, for all their purchases.

3: Open up social media accounts on the new open source, private, crypto-currency driven, social media/blog/video streaming platforms Minds.com, SteemIt.com, and BitChute.com, and start to use them as much, or more than, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We need to transition away from the official social media and video streaming overlords, as they’re censoring content, and are ultimately run by the deep-state.

4: Cancel your smart phone and get an older style regular cell phone, or better yet, get a VoIP internet phone that can be used via ethernet or wifi at home, and at wifi hot-spots when you’re away from home. We need to shut down, or at least limit, the deep-state’s plan to standardize the use of smart phones, 5G, and the “smart” wireless internet-of-things grid.

5: Get active in your local community’s anti-5G activism efforts. It isn’t enough to be active in online only anti-5G activism — the synergistic effect of both online and offline activism, is what will do the job. Targeted individuals have very valuable experience to bring to the table in 5G activist communities, because of the unique experience of being attacked with demonstrable electromagnetic weapons, and through knowledge gained via researching these weapons and broader systemic corruption issues.

An image from the 2018 TI-Day Rally, from Thailand.

Judging by the uncanny resilience, determination, and skill, of the incredible people who find themselves targeted by the global-intelligence-complex — the targeted individual movement is poised for a quantum leap forward in the months and years to come…

Please Support My Efforts… My journalism is unpaid public service work, and I’m subject to organized stalking crimes that have left my finances in ruins… If you would like to support my journalism with a donation, this would be very much appreciated, and will help allow me to focus my time on continuing to expose deep-state crimes against humanity. You can make a donation to me via PayPal at this link.

Please also aggressively share my journalism online, as well as, the journalism of Ramola D, and other genuine truth journalists as much as you can. Be vocal online, and in your local communities, about the reality of organized stalking, 9/11, and other deep-state crimes. Finally, flyer your local area with the custom organized stalking and 9/11 truth flyer I designed. You can download a high resolution version of the flyer here, that will print on a standard 8.5x11 page in black and white.