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Corbett Report
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James Corbett is the editor of The Corbett Report. This is the official Corbett Report Minds account.

Empresa de Limpieza Industrial y Desinfección, formada por diferentes departamentos especializados en cada uno de los servicios ofrecidos >>

Offica Nasty
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Banned from Fedbook dozens of times

Welder/art fan/metaphysics curious #Vermont

Website: Podcast: Music: Telegram: Mano Elias is a philosophical sound alchemist, who colors outside the lines Chasing mistakes  in order to achieve... Creation out of chaos The Study Of Stuff Podcast is made up of two segments. The Album -  (indicated by Vol. 1)  is part podcast, old school radio show, music album and variety show filled with skits. Think of it as a mix of Sesame Street, Muppet Show, Frank Zappa, Tom Waits, Nakho Bear, Monty Python, Alan Watts, J Krishnamurti and George Carlin all mixed in a blender. Interviews -  Your host Mano Elia interviews public figures, authors, thinkers and artists on subjects ranging from geo politics, physics, alt history, metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, archaeology, conspiracy theory , the occult etc...

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Addiction of Nature
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All about the nature...

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./} ./} ( - – ) (') (’))o ...occupy your heart... --- -.-. -.-. ..- .--. -.-- | -.-- --- ..- .-. | .... . .- .-. -

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