Just some dude here for conversation, information, and entertainment. Also, I will steal your memes....
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I've worked in early high tech; studied genetics, computers, medicine, etc. I had a documented IQ of 134 at the age of thirteen, so I'm a space shot. I have a degree in psychology with a minor in English. I was well-trained in writing by a few terrific mentors. My children, my body, and my life have all been destroyed by vaccines. I have been an investigator and researcher all my life

Weightlifter, Alpha Lifestyle, Chef, Guitarist into Metal, Jazz, Blues, Classical. Happily married proud father and grandfather being a simple man trying to get by while shitposting memes for your amusement.

A nonconformist, Libertarian inspired, patriot hailing from the realm of tea and biscuits 🇬🇧 Fight the good fight and freedom is about power not tempering opposing views with ones enemies.

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Writer, gamer, returned yet again to Minds. Former Airforce, disabled retired vet and feeling good to just post book excerpts here for what I am working on. Married TheInZombiac

Steve, Always
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Husband, dad of three, salaryman, needs coffee. Artist, sometimes-gamer, and just whatever. Pay what you want in tokens for ideas you give Commission me for dollars DM me about literally anything. Really! I do art as a hobby and for hire. I do garage game development. I know LOTS of IT development stuff from the last few decades.

Old-school Trekkie who lives in Colorado with her husband.

We solve your assignments/projects. is a company of unified academics from USA and Europe.

It wants them to look real.

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Jan 2021
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