Libertarian shitposter. Every gun law is an infringement on the second amendment. I try to stream when I have time on twitch.

❌🇺🇸🇺🇸Hi friends. How are you all? Iam Flora M. Mather🇺🇸🇺🇸❌

The Truth is undemocratic. 共产主义匪徒死亡 (Death to all communist bandits) a former law enforcement officer and airman. a firm agorist. a believer in shinning the naked light of truth in any direction that might improve humanity, regardless of who it might offend. But don’t worry I have thick skin when it comes to reciprocating. you WILL see critiques of racial groups, religious groups and political groups or their ideologies. I bear no resentment or hatred for these people but merely seize the opportunity to voice unsavory or unpopular but honest assessments of all of the above. I’m a rare breed, an urban libertarian/new right aligned individual. I tend to buck the trend of fleeing to the countryside. I’ve noticed a common thread within the contemporary modern thought process; that it’s better to flea as a refugee than to stay and fight for your home. I refuse to cede a single inch of ground to the corrupted leftist enemy. …and I believe the future is a localized one rather than a corporate globalized one, as such I consider fucking leftoid idiots to be the unwanted trash. let them move away to the uncivilized wastelands, deserts or wilderness. if you love something, you have to fight for it. always vote strait ticket RED all the way down the line. it’s time to declare the Democratic Party to be a criminal organization. that being said, I LOATHE the backwards and superstitious moral/social conservative side of the G.O.P. …that element of it needs to be flushed down the crapper along with the neocons. being obsessed with outdated agrarian culture and misattributing America’s success as the result of some nebulous form of religious piety pushes voters directly into the arms of the democrats. so let’s stop doing that. I am a veteran of the meme war, and the proud and loving owner of the white 328xi and gray Z4 in the pic above. I’m a major gear head, I also have a Honda CBR600rr. big time 2A guy with a large collection and build gaming rig’s for fun. I’m into first person shooters, all types of strategy games, the clone wars, old school side scroller games (Metroid-to-sonic) and I love house music. expect to see content related to all of the above. biographical facts: southern Italian: 🇮🇹 (from the Pompilio family, traced back to the second king of Rome before the republic, Numa Pompilius) Austrian 🇦🇹 Polish 🇵🇱 (no I don’t speak it). but 100% American 🇺🇸 🦅 🚬 😎 💥🛩🆓 check out my more cerebral account @philosoraptor_incarnate

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Manga reviews, shitposts, and whatever random thoughts cross my mind at the time. Enjoy!

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UK based Writer/Director, also trying to make my own indie game. I like the shitpost, so that's what I do. Plus is for srs business, I charge for my personal blog XD Here for creative freedom and feedback.

Because I hate myself Cause I want you I hate myself I’m a one man wreckin crew

George Lincoln Rockwell is my dad. It's nein in the afternoon

Frontend Web Developer crafting websites with #React, TV shows connoisseur, Internet citizen, Free Speech Advocate.

---Who are the Wumao?--- "Let him bear the yoke! Let man assume the drudgery of the god." Restore the Republic of China ---Democratic Imperialist---

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