The Music Industry Exposed

Exposing The Truth About The Music Industry
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BI,MMJ Advocate, born in the 90s, here to hopefully spread the word about some stuff ya know. -Weeed -Music -Love -Peace -Not very close to reaching Nirvana. Let them be the fuel to your fire. Instagram: yeeilikeflower
This is a news and op-ed aggregation Channel. By analyzing the nature of the lies that corporate media outlets tell, a skilled Truther can extrapolate to the truth which MSM are trying to hide with an almost intuitive level of speed and accuracy. Notice to pedophiles and child-traffickers: (NIV) Luke 17:2  It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.
~East coast gal looking to Lurk n' Learn~
I'm a hard-working, self-motivated and confident individual with skills and experiences of working in various sectors. In my spare time, I like spend time with family and going to cinema.
Jan 2020
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