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I stand with Israel Free Speech Messianic Believer Texas Conservative Sci Fi Dallas Cowboys Trump Anti Socialism Truth Yeshua is LORD

Let me share with you how God used trail running to teach me mucho about myself.

Just a Guy from the Free Republic of Texas Who believes in Jesus (Yeshua) . I post very little original material as I'm very new to this format but think of my post as the Corner store with the penny jar , if you need one take it and if you have an extra, drop it off. I am a Big Fan of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas High School Football and Hebrew Roots Christian Concervative and I'm a Water/Waste Operator ... Y'all Have a Good day and be excellent to each other ... FYI, Original Trekker and SCI-FI Fan. #Southernrock #DallasCowboys

Apr 2019
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