Isaac Lindenberger

Metaphysics, agorism, and truth

Aspie * Conspiracy Theory Investigator. I Wear Many Hat's.. Mainly The Tin foil Hat.... Scary out there. Be safe friends...

Humanæ Libertas centrist social libertarian, free-market advocate, evolutionary anarchist, counter economist, Transcendent, Remnant. Carry the Light Inside. INFORM. RESIST. EVOLVE Top Supporters @Anarchyball - 10 @NetizenX - 6 @SoundShaman - 5 @Luculent - 4 @TeaFlavoredHarborWater - 4 @scottcbusiness - 3 @PapaMGTOW - 3 @wonderwill - 2 @WaterWave - 1 @Ottman - 1 @SpeedtheShift - 1 @Turnerb - 1 @TechLibre - 1 @Willieleev1971 - 1 @mcchosen - 1

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Nick Maxwell Verified artist on many social media networks. Especially art related. Abstract Painter and 8bitPixelArt.

Ryan Harrison
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Voluntaryist | Memeologist | Peaceful Parent | Crypto Enthusiast | ☮ ❤️

listening for the secret, searching for the sound

Health I Future Science I Mind I Soul

"I" accept not knowing what "I" am. Total intellectual honesty. Solace in Science! I've replaced religion with tangible scientific understanding. Don't believe it? Think it's a bold claim? Watch all my content and arrive at scientific enlightenment. Anti-Identity. Anti-fake. Anti-honeydicker. Anti-spiritual. Anti-religious. Anti-Political. Stop pretending! Your labels just means you're delusional. Becoming a fascist more and more by the moment as I grow up and realize the majority are a near total liability, sadly. On the side of this; the rare forms that are capable of expressing the complex or valuable theories & are proficient with analysis, do not need to be regulated & you couldn't even if you wanted to; so they are, by default, excluded from whatever necessary fascist modalities that are implemented to limit negligence. The majority should not be trying to impose their will onto the intelligent but rather asking them how they should be living their lives. The majorities value systems are asinine & a perfect example of the failure to separate church & state. I don't do debate. Find someone else to be your intellectual sparring partner. I do appreciate people with specialized knowledge and enjoy being wrong. Let's take steps towards more accurate understandings. That is progress. My theme music was composed by nightshader1 @ youtube (Castlevania Symphony of the Night piano covers that are epic as well as much more)

Mar 2019
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