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Welcome to the J-Vlog. I'm J-P and this is my continuing vlog starting in Bancroft Ontario Canada and documenting up to and through our big move to Japan. Here people from both sides of the Pacific can see what life is / was like. Caution: because this is a vlog, there will be rants and at times some harsh language and some opinions that others may or may not agree with. Don't forget to subscribe to get updates, like and leave a comment =) Cheers, I hope you enjoy it.
location_onSasebo, Nagasaki, Japan
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Welcome to my art portfolio! All art you'll see here is my own. I'm a concept artist, illustrator by trade. I've done concept art for multiple indie games, books, stories, small budget movies, YouTube art and whole bunch of Teespring merch. I'll be doing book covers too. Thank you for visiting and let me know if you need anything! I'm open for commissions. NOTE: I can't follow back generic or too spicy channels, sorry. I never report anyone but spammy or radical channels might get blocked on rare occasion till some kind of "mute" function is introduced.

man. fuck you. hash tag minds exclusive artist hash tag bitchute exclusive content-man hash tag ronchy "punk rock" style fun. working to make a functioning society that has mosh pits. enjoy your day. mwuah*

Very Texan. Laid Back. Fairly Regular Guy. *** I do block pages, if they look scammy or spammy. Nothing personal, just how I do things. ***

Under my Purrr' I'm just an Animal... MeeeOW! 馃樃

Anti-socialist with insight and reasoning to all the dumb things Democrats do. Also, memes are the best thing that鈥檚 happen from social media. #DemocratsAreSocialist #CreepyJoe #Meme #Politics #News #BigGovSucks

I enjoy anime, games and Scifi shows. Also like to build my gunpla models.

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Hey, I'm white and orange (very unpopular right now), about 1'5 (ear to paw), and all Feline. I am available for photoshoots (nude only, no fashion) and modeling. I am also interested in adverts and video/film (DM me for hourly/daily rates... starting at four/six figures respectively). I will not work with dogs or politicians (both tend to leave me puffy...). I'm also involved in a serious relationship with the bunny across the street, so... no, I'm not into you and no, I won't do private parties.

Calm down son it's just a drawing.

Languages, Visuals, and Dangerous Things

2nd generation Cuban-American, born & raised in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. I enjoy gaming, geek & nerd culture. Pleasantly eccentric. Being a normie is just not my thing. I have great admiration for the land of the rising sun, Japan. A trip I took there back in 2004 changed my life forever. I studied Japanese & Mandarin Chinese in college for 2 years (please forgive me if I don't remember some stuff 馃槄) and I graduated in Computer Information Systems. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Information Technology. I tried to stay away from controversial topics such as politics, religion, etc, but it came to the point where I could no longer stay silent, especially when such matters affect me directly. Overall, I look forward to meeting new people on this platform and to have great conversations. Cheers.

Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan
Sep 2017
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