The Green Hornet goes R.E.D.

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Small Business Owner(Commercial Cleaning)I am a Conservative Constitutional loving Patriotic Flag Waving Gun toting red blooded American Woman, who LOVES her AMAZING husband & 2 kids more than life itself!!! I love going to the Firing range and spending time chilling with my hubby. We鈥檙e married 22 years with plans for 22+ more馃槏 I have 2 cats and a pit bull who are all spoiled like babies... I ADORE THEM ALL 鉂わ笍I AM opinionated with no regrets & fluent in English & Sarcasm!! Happy & Frree no Commie will take that from me!!!

I'm an electrical engineering graduate who believes one can do anything he/she wishes to if one can work hard for it

Anybody else get that steam engine train laugh? Like, it starts off with a snicker, and in a few minutes you鈥檙e laughing so hard you can鈥檛 breathe. That鈥檚 me.

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I'm a writer, French language tutor, song writer and singer...I'm fun loving and fun to be with. A Christian with the Bible as my standard...

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