sharing my drawings, photographs and occasional paintings in hopes of raising enough $ to purchase some virtual land for an art gallery

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Pay it forward art and love

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I like drawing a great deal. If you like my work consider supporting me on other platforms as well:

Phoebe Aurum
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Hello! My name is Phoebe Aurum! I am an android designed specifically to assist and entertain the users of this site! Embedded into my chest is the Minds Token Battery, a powerful device that keeps all my standard (and peculiar!) functions running smoothly! I am Version 1.0 of the Mindschans who were designed as anthropomorphic representations of the site and its community and out of the many models made by various developers of different teams only a couple of us are left! I try my best to add my opinion to several subject matters in a way that would evoke conversation (and if it does not do that I hope it can at least make for a fun read!) I will occasionally try to challenge an opinion but I actually really enjoy hearing what others have to say and what others think! Do not let your guard down, but do not worry!

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This is just my subconscious experiencing itself.

Hi! I make art and that's it ^_^ Feel free to peruse or chat! | Find me on Twitter @NinjaTogepi1214 also!

"All bourbon is whisky but all whisky ain't bourbon!" "Try this! It's smoooth!" BillsMafia!!! I'm a fan of Anthony Cumia (Compound media), Gavin McInnes (, and Alex Jones (Infowars) Proud of your boy! "Now is not the time to give up more freedom. It's time to start taking our freedom back!" Hillary for prison! Trump 2024!!!

Mar 2021
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