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Ground-breaking education, and community, for spiritually savvy musicians, and the music-lovers who value them.

Veteran of many things, muser of many more. Find social construct comical & people fascinating.

Welcome! Please remember to wipe your feet. Not intended for young children. Parental discretion is advised. The serious stuff I post stuff about: Space, spirituality, art, technology, history, philosophy, world events, self-sustainability, outdoorsmanry, gardening, and creative writing. The not-so-serious stuff I post about: Animals, jokes, memes, general shitposting, trolling, music, other funny/fun stuff. Remember that every day you manage to do something fun, and something productive, is well spent. Prepare, Produce, Prosper. Fatherland, Work, Liberty.

Hmmm... Do I say too much or keep it short? Do I lecture or keep it real? 馃 I have real boobs and I鈥檓 weird.

 On a journey, I continue in the direction led by opened doors and seeming coincidence. Grateful.

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Just my thoughts, opinions, and observations on the world. Mostly post blogs and occasionally memes. Interested in crypto, economics, psychedelics, tech, spirituality, and culture.

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Jun 2020
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