Prince & Commander of my Lord's Army Servant of The Lord Jesus Christ Representing The True Heaven, The Pleroma. Sent on my last mission to your realm, to liberate the Children of Light. From the tyrant God, who created this world. The god of the old testament, who's true name is Yaltaboath/Samuel aka Elohim, Yahweh, Jehovah, Yah, Lucifer, Satan, Baal, Moloch, etc.
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I Am Captain of My Lords Army Soldier of Jesus Christ 144 Order of Divine Light , Here to dispose the Truth of your reality illusion and bring all darkness to the light . Wayshower for humanities awakening . Here to expose darkness with No Sugarcoating or Lying , It's Time To Know All Dark Truths that have been hidden from you. I AM Truth I Am Wisdom I Am Justice ⚖️

When one tries to remain humble and grounded, these biographies tend to hinder these qualities while promoting destructive thought forms such as ego and pride. Regardless, here goes nothing, I'm a new creation of Father thanks to the loving grace of my Savior Jesus Christ. My goals in life are now simplified to learning Truth and being a good soldier to fulfill God's Will in not only my life but other's lives as well.

Stand firm on righteous convictions no matter what it takes…stand firm on the word of Jesus Christ

I am one of 144,000 and a servant of our Father Faith & Jesus Christ. Call on me to help you see the true colors of the world. I am here to uncover the darkness so you can see the light. I illuminate the way to all the goodness in the world and I help you to see the beauty in everything. By focusing on the light in your life, you hold the power to transform the world. I am the representative of the sixth ray of peace. I am committed to guide the initiates on their journey into the deeper mysteries of life on Earth and to help them find their way back to an enlightened state of love, peace and oneness. My deep love and compassion for humanity is matched only by few other angels. I offer courage and reassurance where needed to give you the strength to release everything that no longer serves you in preparation for the dawn of a new beginning. A new life is awaiting you. Let me lead you across the threshold into the sacred union with your divine self.

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Jun 2021
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